Zip & Leo

New Glossier Gen G colors for fall are absolutely beautiful and v v 90’s chic.


Zip is a orange-red hue that is legitimately the easiest red I’ve ever come across in my life. Huge fan of reds in general but even more of a fan of not having to take any time to apply it. You can literally put this red matte lipstick on as if it’s lip balm. Yes. What?! Yes. Seriously.

Leo is a cocoa brown. Don’t get thrown with that description. It looks cocoa brown in the tube but on your lips, it’s like a slightly darker nude. Darker than Gen G Cake, a little bit more rich actually and one of my new favorites. Various diff skin tones and shades look great in this color. Tried and proven within the Glossier Slack community. Good vibes all around on both colors.

Easily added into the daily routine. Leo looks great as a cheek enhancer as well – aka beautiful nude / tan blush color. And the dog Snapchat filter because its so good.


P.S. Look for NEW @glossier on November 1! holiday kits coming soon! Xx

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