Things I’m Into

It’s been awhile, so I’ll share some recent favorites and reviews! Xx

Just tried this new product from the Ouai. It’s a dry shampoo in foam form. Weird. Kinda works for me, feels like hair is for sure cleaner and smells great but not sure how much it really de-greases hair. To be determined. I think it’s more of a jujjjj / clean hair product and less of a make hair less oily product. 

Home made avocado toast. Multi grain bread toasted, avocado, pepper, salt, lemon  (smashed together) top with EVOO, s&p, Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes. Add lemon swueeze. Easy breakfast or lunch. 

How cute is this? Korea town in NYC is always a cool neighborhood to walk around in and discover new little spots and restaurants. Or tea cafes. This one is called “BESFREN” cool play on words for “best friend” obv and also a cute nod to that Young Thug song that isn’t popular at all but everyone knows that one lyric to “that’s my bestie, my best friend” or in this case “besfren.” Ok, I’m done. 

Glossier everything is 20% off and free shipping over $30 if you shop my page. Using Priming Moisturizer Rich to save my skin during cold winter months. Keeping face, neck and décolletage v hydrated. ✔️

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