Dawn & Storm

Glossier launched new Cloud Paint colors!

If you aren’t familiar – Cloud Paint is gel cream blush and it’s literally the easiest blush to apply and looks extremely natural. Your skin, but better!

Dawn is a sunny coral – this is the most orange hue and it reminds me of a beachy summer.

Storm is a warm rose – definitely a deeper tone but looks surprisingly well once it’s blended in to different skin tones.

I’m wearing both here, can you tell which shade is on which cheek?!

If you’re already a Cloud Paint wearer, these are must have shades to add to your collection!

Glossier is currently running a sale – 2 Cloud Paints at a discounted rate – perfect to shop both new shades or one new one and a different shade you’ve never tried!

My fave of all time is Dusk and I’m loving mixing Dawn & Storm in with my daily look!

Shop using my link to get 10% off your first order! www.glossier.com/reps/ashleybyrd

Now ships to Sweden! More countries to come!

7 thoughts on “Dawn & Storm

      1. Great how to I copy it without clicking it? Trying to send to a friend, 20% is too good to miss!

      2. Never mind I got it to copy ๐Ÿ™‚ youโ€™ll have some store credit soon Iโ€™d imagine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Iโ€™m literally almost checked out but before I do which cloud paint shades would you recommend for a very fair complexion with an alfready red/pink naturally reddish flush? Iโ€™m gonna get 2. Oh and I think Iโ€™m neutral leaning cool undertones.

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