Parade Bralettes & Underwear

Parade launched bralettes (my favorite!) this past month and I finally have gotten my hands on a few colors and I absolutely love them!!!

Parade definitely got it right with this new product! The bralettes are made out of an extremely soft material and feel super comfortable, just like the matching underwear. I’m obsessed with the fit! I’m wearing size Small in the top and size Large in the bottoms because I like my bottoms very roomy!! I also have a size Medium and those work well for me too.

LOL @ this weird tan line from hot sun in Palm Springs!

If you’re interested in shopping with Parade, use this link for 20% off your order over $40.

Code: ashley-b4 at checkout.

Love the mesh detailing as well! No underwire and it’s not needed. Very supportive and keeps you in.

Big fan of these! I’ve been on a quest to find great basics for undergarments and I’m extremely happy with Parade. Parade’s line is extremely inclusive goes from sizes: XS to 3XL and extended bralette sizes through size F.

These pics are no makeup, no edits, no filters. It’s kind of Parade’s thing, and it’s also my thing, and it’s also much easier than editing anything 🙂

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