Vivienne’s 2nd Farmer’s Market Birthday Party

My little baby girl is 2 !!!! – I cannot believe I have a 2 year old – time flies so fast!!

We have only ever known a birthday during Covid times for Vivienne’s 2 years here, so they’ve been slightly different than I would have originally anticipated, but equally as great!

I came across a really cute birthday party idea via this blog and put my own girly, pink spin on it to celebrate for Vivi. I’m obsessed with how everything turned out.

Ordered some beautiful custom balloons from PopFestCo that Vivi is still enjoying several days later! PopFestCo is LA-based and have their own Etsy shop where you can order balloon kits for your own party if you’re in New York like us! I ordered from there 🙂 Also ordered a balloon inflation kit from Amazon which is absolutely necessary for blowing up your own balloons. Balloon price talk — (are people interested in this?) I spent ~$99 on PopFestCo balloons to DIY (much less than what I paid for last year’s balloons (about $400)). Pro / Con List for these balloons: Pro: more affordable, I got the exact colors I wanted // Con: my DIY balloon arches deflated quicker / I had to do all the work opposed to having everything set up for me / raw fingers. I’m sort of on the fence about if I’d DIY again or hire in.

I ordered these buffalo check tablecloths from Amazon. Ordered wholesale peonies and wholesale white hydrangeas from Sam’s Club. Got 2 dozen hot pink roses at Costco for $16!! Love that place (also get anxiety there, but still love it)!

Beverages included: Hampton Water Rose, Spindrift, Montauk Brewing Company Summer Ale, The Honest Company Juice Boxes

Food included: Farmer’s Market!! Charcuterie board, vegetable crudite, fresh fruit platter and farmer’s market sandwiches from Bellport Country Club (my favorite!); Once Upon A Farm pouches for kids, homemade potato salad that my mom made, cupcakes and cookies from Treats by Allie (these were so great, everyone loved both aesthetics & taste!). Dessert is my favorite part!

Vivi had the BEST TIME. She loves saying “happy” which means the “happy birthday song” and she did a great job of blowing out her candles after a lot of singing and practicing. She is extremely independent and loves to do everything on her own.

More celebrations to come – we have so much to celebrate in life. <3

More details:

My dress: Na-kd Belted Slip Dress
Vivienne’s dress: Zara Kids (currently on sale) this will go out but Zara Kids always has super cute neutral dresses and outfits
Sign: A Marketing
Balloons: PopFestCo
Food: Bellport Country Club
Photography: Ted Wolmers