Things I’m Into

Summer 2017 has kept me on the move. The usual summer sunsets I’m watching, places I like to eat food and drink beverages, and things I’m purchasing because I’m a CONSUMER of all things. Below I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve been into lately.

Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company – Patchogue, NY – Great spot on Main Street to stop when you have a little time to kill. Or time to enjoy.

Sagtown Coffee & other locations – Sag Harbor, NY 

Tuna Tartare from Lulu’s Kitchen & Bar – Sag Harbor, NY

Glossier Wowder – Using it everyday since I received. I’m a Glossier rep, so YOU receive 20% off when you shop using my link!

Sunsets, “somewhere in Montauk, NY” – enjoy the view!

Bandier Pop-Up at Blue Stone Lane, Montauk, NY – Plenty of gorgeous workout clothes, accessories, Tkees flip flops, SuperGoop skincare. Good vibes and really delicious Avo Toast.

Adam Mar, Shop in Montauk, NY – Obsessed with this little shop – beautiful aesthetic, great original clothing, mens & women’s – they even sell plants! It’s right around the corner from Montauk Brewing Co, so naturally I’ve stopped in more than once. Love that chair swing. And bought an awesome bamboo bag there that I’m obsessed with (pictured below).



Wowder! By Glossier

My go-to beauty brand, Glossier just launched Wowder! Not a powder. 

It’s not your ordinary setting powder. Leaves no white-cast and is offered in 3 sheer shades. I’m a Glossier rep, and was gifted the Light/Medium shade. I’m a huge fan of a setting powder even though I haven’t used one in over a year. 


I fell in love with a setting powder called Moonshot by a Korean beauty brand that discontinued making it. Originally published in Emily Weiss’ Top Shelf, I became hooked after trying it. I ordered 2 and used them like they were going out of style. Once I ran out, I freaked out after not being able to find more. 😦 Nothing available on the black market (eBay).

In early May I talked to Emily Weiss about my troubles and not being able to find any replacements.  Her reply was “I got you.” 

Lo and behold, “she got me!” This is that powder. But nicer because it’s available in more shades! I’m obsessed. This does everything I want it to do. I use it on day where I don’t want that glossy look. When I’m over looking shiny. 

It looks amazing in photos! So you don’t look shiny or have a flash on your face. But also doesn’t make you look cakey either! Complete game changer. 

Love taking photos of Glossier products because they’re beautiful! 😍

Shop with me for 20% off and free shipping when you buy 2 items!


New Glossier launching so soon! 

Sunscreen is coming this week. It’s called Invisible Shield and it’s a clear, serum sunscreen. It smells amazing and feels even more amazing on your skin. 

I know all of this is legit and true because I received Invisible Shield last week…. It’s amazing, be sure to shop with me using the link below for 20% off your first order and free shipping once it launches. I’ll post more info later this week and look out for Glossier’s IG for more launch details. 


These serums DO. WORK!

Never been a serum girl until I became a devout serum girl. Glossier has 3 serums and I’ve been using them since September. 6 month review. I’m still using them and I’m not going a day without it. 

Super Pure rules. It completely helped me get through several redness and breakout prone months in the fall. My chin is always red from hormonal flare ups, and Super Pure has combated that in such a real way. 

I’ve moved over to using Super Bounce daily recently and I love what it’s doing for my skin. Keeps the moisture and suppleness in my skin. I use it post cleanser and P50 and pre- moisturizer. 

I’m a Rep for Glossier, so please feel free to ask me any questions about any of the products! I love sharing my skincare tips, Glossier related or not! 

If you’re a first time customer and shop using my link, you receive 20% off your order and free shipping!! 

There are usually other codes I can share with returning customers, so again….Please reach out to me anytime. Instagram DM @ashleybyrdy

Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint (☁️🎨) is dropping on March 2nd!! & because I’m a Glossier rep, I get a sneak peak of this newness to share with you! Review below…

Cloud Paint is a gel-cream formula that’s sheer, lightweight and buildable so you can apply as much as you want – no rules at Glossier! Application is easiest by just dabbing it on with your fingertips.

Beware! Comes out of the paint tube very quickly and a little goes a long way! From experience I can tell you that LESS IS ALWAYS MORE! You legit only need a very small squirt. 

Each shade is inspired by the gorgeous NYC sunsets which I’m sure you all have posted on your Instagram at some point. 

The formula is literally amazing, I’ll share more about that later but trust me, you’re going to love what it will do for your skin. While blush can be a makeup product that not everybody wears because it can look very strong or overdone, Glossier products do quite the opposite. If you’re afraid of blush or think it’s for a slightly older demographic, please please please let Cloud Paint be your product to open up to blush with! Trust. Ask me anything you can think of. 

Moisture and hydration without streaks is the main reason I can get down with this blush. It adds just the right amount of flush to make you look healthy and alive!

Some behind the scenes imagery of naming these beautiful shades. 

The 4 Shades 

Puff light pink that gives a very slight flush and is pretty and brightening.  Not an everyday choice for me, but I see this working great on lighter skintones. 

Beam coral-peach shade, think lots of energy and sunshine, top pick for me! Will use this the most often for sure, especially in summer!

Dusk brown nude shade that can help create a contour if you’re into that and add some definition if you have a deeper skintone

Haze beautiful deep berry color that gives enough flush without making you look awkwardly red. Huge fan of this! Gives that post-workout glow without any of the effort. I like this on all skintones!

Plus if you shop with me you get 20% off your order and free shipping over $30! 

Xo, ☁️🎨

Pink Things 🦄

Ranunculae are my favorite flower. Flowers are an instant mood booster and pink is an instant mood booster as well. So this blog is all pink from here on out. 

Watermelon! Montauk Brewing Co. just announced the release of a new product for summer – Watermelon Session Ale. Available in can & keg in NYC and Long Island starting April! How refreshing does that look?! 

Rose colored eyeglasses from Warby Parker. The frame is Welty. I’m obsessed with them (note all of the selfies). Love the shape and that they’re a very light dusted pink color. The pink lipstick I have on is Jam by Glossier

Pink vibes all day. Post Valentine’s Day swag. 

Glossier Rep YAS!

Yay! I’ve officially become a Glossier Rep! I blog about Glossier products often and love to spread the #Glossier vibes. Their products are some of my favorites because they’re simple and they workkkk. Obviously, we’re all into efficiency and who doesn’t love that #glossierpink?! The packaging is exceptionally well-done and this year is going to be hugeeeee for the G team

So be sure to check out my page, linked here! I give my favorite Glossier picks and top items. If you shop my page you can get 20% off your order and FREE shipping with orders over $30! 

Plus the video is ridiculous. I had like 15 tries before selecting my final video… &&&& then I went to the beach. 

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& send me a message if you have any questions about Glossier! 

Things I’m Into

It’s been awhile, so I’ll share some recent favorites and reviews! Xx

Just tried this new product from the Ouai. It’s a dry shampoo in foam form. Weird. Kinda works for me, feels like hair is for sure cleaner and smells great but not sure how much it really de-greases hair. To be determined. I think it’s more of a jujjjj / clean hair product and less of a make hair less oily product. 

Home made avocado toast. Multi grain bread toasted, avocado, pepper, salt, lemon  (smashed together) top with EVOO, s&p, Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes. Add lemon swueeze. Easy breakfast or lunch. 

How cute is this? Korea town in NYC is always a cool neighborhood to walk around in and discover new little spots and restaurants. Or tea cafes. This one is called “BESFREN” cool play on words for “best friend” obv and also a cute nod to that Young Thug song that isn’t popular at all but everyone knows that one lyric to “that’s my bestie, my best friend” or in this case “besfren.” Ok, I’m done. 

Glossier everything is 20% off and free shipping over $30 if you shop my page. Using Priming Moisturizer Rich to save my skin during cold winter months. Keeping face, neck and décolletage v hydrated. ✔️