Babel Fair

Nolita has got to be my favorite neighborhood in Manhattan and more specifically Elizabeth Street holds a special place in my heart. My first job in NYC was located on that quaint little street, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. ❤ Strolling down the street, there are many fabulous restaurants, Tacombi, BarBossa, Public, Lovely Day, The Butcher’s Daughter, Egg Shop and Black Seed Bagels (to name a few! or all…) Those are actually all amazing restaurants that I frequented often and absolutely love and they’re all in a 3-4 quick city block radius! YAS.


Today I discovered an awesome clothing boutique called Babel Fair. I walked in to explore and find out more. What I loved most about this shop were the finite details and that each item held such importance no matter how large or small. Obviously, there are various clothing boutiques in NYC and in Soho for that matter, but what makes this boutique unique is that many of the designers are LA based or international (Korean & Australian).

Notice the Henna Lipstick! A favorite of mine!! <3
Notice the Henna Lipstick! A favorite of mine!! ❤

There are a variety of chic products in this store, carefully placed trinkets, jewelry, and beauty products on a large table in the center of the room and shelving toward the back. I also liked that the lip balms and beauty products had trial samples available!

It's all in the details!
It’s all in the details!

How cute are those rings?! Parallel walls have racks of clothing by international designers on either side. Naturally, my eye was drawn to the black, white and pale pink shades.

unnamed (4)

Sometimes when I walk into boutiques, I feel compelled to shop. At Babel Fair, I was greeted very politely when I walked in and struck up conversation. No pressure, just great vibes. Babel Fair have a great customer loyalty program as well! I ended up purchasing the lip balm in the shape of a skull (photographed below). Black, obviously! 😉 Smells like mint – the pink one was fruity – it was a tough call!

unnamed (2)

Be sure to stop in to Babel Fair next time you’re on Elizabeth Street in Nolita! I’ll definitely be back in soon!

Located at 260 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY.


Modern Backpack

The last time I purchased a backpack, I was in college, it was from The North Face and I was the coolest kid looked like every other kid on campus. That charcoal & pink backpack traveled throughout Europe and all over the USA with me; I do still love and wear it — but I needed to bring my backpack game to a more chic place.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.02.08 PM
Photo from
Enter my BFF, @Kaitmills who sent me a photo of her new Herschel backpack asking if it was “chic enough” to wear to a fashion/hospitality interview in NYC? Le DUH! How fab does she look? After I realized how undeniably cool backpacks are again (from her chic fashion girl selfies below), I decided to go after these new Everlane packs I had been lusting after!


Everlane has evolved into one of my favorite new brands. I read a tag line on The Fader recently about how “Everlane turned hipsters basic,” and I kinda love that because I ❤ hipsters and I ❤ basics (the clothes, not the persona). As seen in my previous post about their “Everyday Anorak”,  Everlane manufactures high quality clothing & accessories at affordable prices. They cut out the middle man and consumers reap the benefits. After weeks of awesome social media hype & presence, Everlane launched these great backpacks. I watched their Snapchat story everyday (blushing) – but you all know I’m obsessed with social media anyway.


Very versatile! I purchased in the larger size, obv because I carry FAR too much (but the mini is awesome too!) in the “Reverse Denim & Black Leather” color.


Love the black leather detailing! This pack has pockets for all things; fits a MacBook, iPhone, side pockets for a water bottle/whatever else you want easy access to, inside pockets, front zipper pocket for small items, etc. Highly recommend this item for back to school or around the city or anywhere your travels take you. Gets endless compliments and “where’d you get that bag?” comments galore!

Use my link for your first purchase!!!

And check out all of my Glossier Rec’s that I carry around in my backpack! 

Wearing Out My Closet

I have way too much clothing that I do not wear. It’s all good stuff that I likely definitely spent a lot of $$$$ on. I’m not planning to wear stuff that’s not in style or current – BUT – I need to find something – some way to wear my old items.

Before I was obsessed with black, I didn’t own anything black. (fun fact)

In middle school and high school, Abercrombie & Fitch didn’t sell black clothes – so your girl did not participate in the black clothing movement. Sad, but true.

I would borrow my Mom’s work clothes or going out clothes to pass them off for the only day of the year I had to wear black. That day was for music department concerts for school – so yeah, 3x per year for a solid 4-5 hours each time. I’ll go with a max wear of 24 hours/year. Yes, year! Nowadays, I wear black 24 hours/day in some form.  (FYI – I played the Clarinet through senior year of HS). 

So my colorful wardrobe exists – man does it exist. Because I hate getting rid of things. I’m going to begin a serious purge. Continuous purge if you will.

Check out my Poshmark app on the side of my blog to check out some of my recent purges and how I’m trying to capitalize from my overactive spending and overly full closet… and jewelry box… and clothing rack… and dresser…and armoire…and bins in attics and basements of my close friends and family members.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.48.18 PM

Mixology Grand Re-Opening in WHB

Wölffer Estate Rosé, Montauk Brewing Co. Summer Ale & Pellegrino. Flower halos by TMG for days, funky jewelry, candles by Jonathan Adler & more. A wide selection of clothing available in store & in their online boutique – both beach chic & going out vibes. Tons of denim. Graphic tees with the BESSTTTTT sayings. Amazing accessories, too!



Celebrity DJ Nicole Stillings spinning all afternoon. Pictured below.


Michelle Madonna “That Madonna Girl” founder and CEO of FlowerChildrenOnly pictured below in her super popular pink meow crown. I’m wearing “The Marianna.” So many different types of flower halos available in store.

unnamed-31 unnamed-33

@Shopmixology event was a beautiful success on a gorgeous afternoon in WHB! Saturday, July 11 2015. Highly suggest checking them out!


Eddie Borgo for Target

Eddie Borgo for Target is available for purchase this weekend, Sunday, July 12th! Target’s designer collaborations bring luxury to everyday consumers in a huge way; with an affordable price point, top-notch quality and super chic aesthetic. This is a first-of-it’s-kind, limited edition collaboration with the jewelry and handbag designer, Eddie Borgo. He has created authentic jewelry, handbags and wall art (think dreamcatchers…so RAD!)

Eddie Borgo for Target Dreamcatcher - photo from Target Style
Eddie Borgo for Target Dreamcatcher – photo from Target Style

Eddie’s collection is MAJOR. He’s a passionate designer who likes to get it right and makes sure that every piece he works on is special. And his Target collection is just that – completely special, beautiful and totally customizable! Creating a custom aspect to the Target collection is the best move I’ve seen a designer ever fuse into a department store collabo. Everybody wants it, but nobody wants the same thing as everybody else, right? So now you can have what you like, but you can change it up to however you prefer. So your new Eddie Borgo necklace that the girl in line behind you is also purchasing will be completely different after you add in other charms.

Love this Marble Clutch!!! (Photo from Target Style)
Love this Marble Clutch!!! (Photo from Target Style)

“We created components that all come apart and go back together – everything’s convertible,” said designer Eddie Borgo. “I’ve never seen this type of collaboration in the marketplace. It’s the first of its kind.”

Target’s look book which was released on June 22, 2015 captures beautiful photos of the DIY items and features both Eddie Borgo and the supermodel for this campaign, Poppy Delevigne.

photo from Target Style
photo from Target Style

My favorite part about this collection is how much both Eddie Borgo & Target are incorporating the users into the story of this launch. The goal is to get everyone involved and share the creative objects that everyone is making with these customizable products. If you purchase and make something definitely #EddieBorgoforTarget.

This awesome video shows the launch in NYC and more about Eddie’s personal insight into the collection!

My picks are anything marble printed and the dreamcatcher for sure!

from Target Style
from Target Style Launch Party in NYC

“Priced from $7.99 to $49.99 the Eddie Borgo for Target collection will be available at select Target stores and beginning Sunday, July 12. Follow @TargetStyle and @EddieBorgo and join the conversation on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #EddieBorgoforTarget.”



Since there has been so much convo in New York lately about the #NewWhitney, I obviously had to check it out. Clearly because it just re-opened AND because it moved from uptown to the Meatpacking District (already full of art, culture, food, nightclubs, and The High Line) – MPD was needing a chic betchy museum.

FYI use your valid student ID if you still have one or if your schools student ID’s never had an expiration date! (Thanks Siena! Wonder when it will stop working?) Also FYI on Fridays, the entry price is “donation based” so if you don’t have $22 for a full priced ticket, you can check it out on the cheaps!

“America is Hard To See” is the current theme.

Some notable pieces are below:

Some of my favorites for obvious reasons are:

It ended up being a gorgeous day, making it even better to soak up some rays on the museum’s outside patio. I used walking through the outside staircase to get from floor to floor. Whitney is the chicest museum out.  

Everyday Anorak

The actual best all year round jacket!


Spring is coming! LMAO – using that phrase very loosely since New York is still bitter cold at 37 degrees on Monday, March 23rd. Anyway, spring is apparently going to get here one day in the near future. Or so we hope… 37 degrees to 77 degrees will likely be the case, but whatever. A girl can be hopeful!

Regardless – it’s still cold, and in the “spring” or pseudo springit rains. So it’s very wet, obv and chic solutions are VERY MUCH NEEDED.

Found this amazing jacket at (check it out in the link). Everlane offers designer quality goods without the 5x markup that usually exists. The anorak I purchased in Stone (seen in the photo) is beyond perfect. The fit is slightly oversize but sits really well on the body and its true to size. The jacket is soft, it’s long enough, it has a hood to protect you from the rain, lots of pockets, and great details. The Stone color matches well with black, brown, denim, white, really anything anything! This jacket is FAR beyond a basic. It’s basic enough to be worn day-to-day, yet elevated enough that when you’re wearing it, everyone will ask you where you got it. Highly recommend, combat the elements this Spring with me in this Everlane Anorak Jacket.

Use my link with your first purchase!!

Snow = Luxe Gear

Extra snow just means extra LUXE…

First snowfall sets down in New York City and the fashion scene is impeccable today! NYC looks super chic in all of its new, holiday winter gear. Sweater weather is upon us and although I’m not in LOVE ❤ with it – I’m looking at the bright side – it’s finally winter! Which means, Spring is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER people!! Staying warm today in a new luxe oversize cabe sweater.

J. Crew Cotton Cable Sweater
Some more of my favorites…
Eugenia Kim – Rain Knit Hat with Fur Pompom
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.05.47 PM
Sorel Tofino Boots 
wishing it was a snow day, xx

Mansur Gavriel

This bag is MAY-JOR!!!!


After creepily stalking out specialty stores and their associates since April, I was finally able to get my hands on my very own “it” bag. Mansur Gavriel. Totes (the large shoulder bag, not the “completely, absolutely” type), bucket bags and backpacks. They’re all made from gorgeous, warm Italian vegetable tanned leather that gets more beautiful with age. In glorious color waves. UGH, I just died.


Bag is so great – you can carry around a palm tree inside of it… weird background imaging…

The Bucket Bag
The Bucket Bag

I purchased the tote because of versatility and wearability – useful and a great everyday staple.

It’s a serious, high quality bag for literally a fraction of the cost of luxe designers. Obviously why everyone wants it. That’s why it sells out before it can be replenished on the shelves.


Black/Blu color with black exterior and blu interior ❤ Each bag also comes with a small leather pouch that can be attached with a snap closure. Great for storing keys, change, and small items.

MUST-HAVE. I want one in every style and color. Also –  MUST. STOP. SHOPPING. Purchased this beauty through the P.S. Dept app!