New!!! Glossier Cloud Paints

Glossier Cloud Paint is my favorite blush of all time. Because I love going for an au natural look, I’m usually an either / or with blush and highlighter.

These shades are perfect for fall! Spark is a bright poppy. Eve is a rich mulberry. What even is a mulberry? Pretty though! 😅

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💖 can’t wait to try these new shades!

Pink Things 🦄

Ranunculae are my favorite flower. Flowers are an instant mood booster and pink is an instant mood booster as well. So this blog is all pink from here on out. 

Watermelon! Montauk Brewing Co. just announced the release of a new product for summer – Watermelon Session Ale. Available in can & keg in NYC and Long Island starting April! How refreshing does that look?! 

Rose colored eyeglasses from Warby Parker. The frame is Welty. I’m obsessed with them (note all of the selfies). Love the shape and that they’re a very light dusted pink color. The pink lipstick I have on is Jam by Glossier

Pink vibes all day. Post Valentine’s Day swag. 

Glossier Haloscope

Glossier launched a new product – it’s a dew effect highlighter. It’s perfect for summer. I’ve been wearing it nonstop since I received my overnight shipment last week. It’s basically the best thing since matte lipsticks came out (lookin’ at you Kylie). Anyway, this product is the exact opposite of matte. Even though I hate the word, it’s totally moist (ew, sorry) and leaves the most beautiful bit of brightness on your skin.

Photo from Glossier.
The highlighter is called Haloscope and it comes in two shades! Quartz is a pinkish, pearl color and Topaz is a sun-kissed golden so you can be a bronzed goddess. Super low-maintenance vibes and easy to apply with a simple swipe and dabbing it in with your fingers. It’s packaged as a stick which makes it great for the grab & go lifestyle. Step by step directions for places to highlight are noted in the photo below, courtesy of Glossier.


The oil-infused core is full of hydrating skincare ingredients, while its outer ring contains those crystal pigments that give skin a dewy effect. Highlighters have scared me in the past because I don’t want to look shiny. Glossier’s Halosope is way difffffff  and is much more natural looking. It gives a “wet” look that appears organic and as if it’s supposed to be there instead of like you’re in dire need of face wash.


I recommend both shades. I’ve used both, I like both and I don’t even have a favorite (and I always have favorites). You can either pick one to use or you can use both together. You can teach yourself to contour by highlighting – I don’t really know or care if this is what’s referred to as strobing, but if it is then it’s easier than it sounds. Swipe Quartz on top of your cheekbones like noted in the photograph above and then swipe Topaz right underneath. Swipe, swipe, check. (Similar to Tinder…lolz). The highlight contour gives you a skinny cheekbone that’s young, fresh, low maintenance and takes a fraction of the time of putting any real work into your makeup routine. WIN / WIN –  got that summertime sadness happiness! And if you’re really pale it gives you a bronzed cheek without actually applying bronzer or blush. Lastly, it isn’t orangey at all. All of the girls in the #GlossierSlackPack love it, even on super light skin tones. Trust. Slack Pack rules all.

Glossier screams #LazyGirlChic!

Summertime calls for lazy girl makeup. Plus your skin is usually more tan and you’re spending more time outside and likely require less makeup. Glossier provides the best options for lazy girl makeup because it’s simple, it’s easy, and it looks so much better than anything else!!!

Also skin usually clears up a little bit more in the summer (not sure if that’s really true… but I believe in it). And if you read it on the internet, it must be true. Could also be that I’m psycho, whatever. Def recommend Haloscope by Glossier – both colors, you won’t regret it. Check Glossier’s IG for a million amazing photos of Haloscope on different people.

Things I’m Into

Easy view from the window on a cloudy, rainy day… take a break from work and look outside every now and then. Better – get outside! Even in bitter cold temps…


Sample sale on sample sale on sample sale. Holiday and employee sales in December can be quite advantageous and also exceptionally expensive. ❤ Photo below of beautiful Celine’s.


Next up is something that’s been on everybody’s lips, literally. Kylie Lip Kit. #LipKitbyKylie – I’ve been obsessed since its been announced and I finally got my hands on one! This purchase was actually one of the most stressful things I’ve gone through in the past few weeks. I’m kidding, that makes me sound far more ridiculous than I really am. The kits sold out twice, but I was able to purchase the Candy K color when the website restocked. Obsessed, I’m going to blog more about it, so check back.

Candy K

adidas Superstars with really pretty packaging. I’m really into chic white sneakers right now. As is every other fashion girl in NYC…


Coffee Project | NEW YORK

Coffee Project | New York


Coffee Project is a quaint little shop in NYC’s East Village that truly focuses on customer service. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted with a smile and welcome. I ordered the fan-favorite “deconstructed latte” (which must be consumed on-premise) aka can’t take it to-go!

The “Deconstructed Latte” concept is really fun if you’re a coffee person or just like doing interesting things while you consume food. Basically it’s served in a specific order – first you drink the espresso, then you drink the milk in it’s “raw-est” form, and finally the combined ingredients as a latte. The broken down order really does enhance the flavor of the final product, the latte – it’s also a two-for one because your’e totally getting more bang for your buck.

The owner, Sum explained the whole concept & process to me and even followed up shortly after to see if I liked it. The coffee experience is served with a small glass of sparkling water to cleanse the palette and a small wafer cookie. I’m a huge fan of experience over anything and this is definitely what you get at Coffee Project. Highly recommend for a spot to meet a friend for a chat!

Coffee Project New York
239 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-7888

things I’m loving in NYC right now

Every so often I like to gather some random pieces of information about things in NYC that I’m currently obsessed with. I’m often asked for recommendations from family & friends, and love to share my finds so I’m going to post something different everyday this week. Take a look below! Xx

KAWS Exhibit – The Brooklyn Museum


The Brooklyn Museum always has something pretty awesome going on – I recommend going to visit whether KAWS is showing an exhibit there or not. The KAWS “Along the Way” exhibit is huge and right in the lobby… basically if you’re so inclined to go view it and don’t want to see anything else at all in the museum, you totally can… for free!

Thursday nights the museum is open until 10pm – I went after work and it was a “pay what you want” night – SCORE! It was pretty quiet which allowed for a great experience without bumping into random people while I was browsing through all of the galleries.

The humongous wooden piece provides a richer, deeper, meaningful feeling much more than traditional childhood cartoons would generally provide. If you’re into that sort of thing. But bottom line, definitely something cool to go see before the exhibit closes on December 6th!

There’s also a bunch of other museums and places to visit right in that area – so try to hit up others while you’re there.

Look Up!

Things you see when you lift your head up from your iPhone while you’re walking down the street. But then you immediately grab your iPhone to take a photo or add to Snapchat story…


Always remember to take a look around you because you might just miss something beautiful. ❤

Rubber Mask

“K-Beauty” or Korean Beauty is a huge part of the beauty movement right now.

Pure, porcelain, clean skin is the ideal image and that’s exactly what I want. No matter the tone, I think that’s what all skin types want. K-beauty offers skincare that cleanses, targets super specific problem areas and protects. Also all about hydration!

So I purchased some chic new beauty products from Glow Recipe because I’ve been hearing so much about how awesome these specific skincare regimes are. #Rubbermasking has been trending and how great it makes your skin feel immediately.


Today on my lunch break (highly productive!), I met with Co-Founder of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang, to hear more about the new Charcoal Rubber Modeling Mask that Lindsay, a skincare brand they carry just launched. We sampled the mask and talked about what type of K skincare I should be using for my combination/oily T-Zone skin. Being that I’m constantly on the search for new products and things that actually work – I’m 100% down with the K beauty kick and I’m not getting off yet!

The Details

The rubbermask comes in a DIY, but ready-to-go Cup-A-Noodles style package. This time I used the Collagen Modeling Mask.


“Just add water,” but literally.


Add a little less than to the line it suggests and start mixing with the provided spatula until it becomes a cake mix-like texture.


Then begin to spread it on your face, THICK. Don’t be afraid, you want to use as much of it as you can – like all of it. Avoid the eye area. And the hair area / eyebrows / and mouth and nose. There are detailed instructions provided so follow them!



Let sit for 15 minutes or so and you’ll see the mask starting to lift at the edges. The thicker you apply, the easier it is to take off! You’ll literally be able to peel the entire mask off in one easy piece if its thick enough. Maybe a few pieces, but hardly any mess at all. After a few minutes, the mask actually turns super cold which I thought was interesting.



Christine said it perfectly, that it’s “very satisfying!” The best part about these masks are that there are many different types! I have another one to try out, can’t wait to continue on with my K-Beauty regime. I left Glow Recipe today with a bunch of samples too, which I can’t wait to try out!

The Price

$6 each – OMG, yes. That inexpensive! Sick!! Glow Recipe offers free shipping with orders over $50, so you should probably do that because who wants to pay for shipping?