Sleepless Night

One of those nights. Cannot sleep for anything and just…  

Leggo my Eggo. See ya in the morning. 




Setting our Intentions for the Weekend!
Setting our Intentions for the Weekend! (Yeah BRO!)

Festival season, anyone? OMG I’m sure you’ve heard about every freakin’ festival out there by now, right? TBH you’re probably saying to yourself – coooooool. DILLIGAF? Nope. This one’s different though – although it’s a music festival, it’s more of a health and wellness festival. So chic. Wanderlust was perfect!!! For those unfamiliar, it’s a glorious 4-day event celebrating community & mindful living. It’s about practicing yoga, being outdoors, eating well, spiritual meditation & relaxation, being green, strengthening, hiking, learning, creating awareness and being surrounded by some of the greatest people on the planet. Also some awesome musicians and a LOT of celebrating life. Overall an amazing event created by Lululemon and attended by thousands from all over the world.

The D’om Lit Up Upon Arrival for Us on Friday Night
Even made friends - shocking!
Even made friends – I’m getting so much better at this whole “people” thing!

There are various types of yoga classes or meditation seminars or hikes to sign up for. There’s literally something for everybody. Two of my college roomies / BFF’s and I went to Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont and had an epic and hysterical adventure. I say hysterical because the lodge we stayed in was “as nice as” many of the European hostiles I stayed in while traveling abroad in college. RATCHET.


Saturday we took 3 fantastic yoga classes with fab instructors from all over the world (2 from Washington DC!). My favorite class was called Yogarina (yoga/ballet fusion) taught by Beau Campbell with a live violinist Haana playing and singing 100% improv which was rad!!

MC Yogi‘s classes were sold out – seriously uplifting and a lot of fun. He makes yoga really relevant, exciting and fresh. He played some old school r&b, reggae and hip hop during class – along with some of his personal rhymes. Meaningful share session and he definitely makes traditional vinyasa yoga a ton of fun.

One of the sponsors for a huge yoga room / tent
One of the sponsors for a huge yoga room / tent
Not exactly sure what this is but I love it anyway
Not exactly sure what this is but I love it anyway

4.5 Hours of yoga on Saturday. This photo is after class #2, right before class #3. #sweat much?



Inside of the Lululemon D'Om
Inside of the Lululemon D’Om

One of my favorite things by far was this DJ spinning inside of the Lululemon D’Om treehouse all day long.

Tons of booths with free samples of really amazing products. Stocked up on Quest Bars (fave!) Lots of vendors with great sustainable, eco-friendly and straight up cool products to buy. Surrendered old sunscreen to purchase new, amazing, chemical-free sunblock from Goddess Garden. Check them out – amazing. Really awesome gear from Folk Rebellion – highly recommend checking them out. I obviously spent way too much money on things like that of course…

Marnie filling in SandArt paint? Relaxing... it lasted all of 30 seconds. <3
Marnie filling in SandArt paint? Relaxing… it lasted all of 30 seconds. ❤

Kaitlin got to meet one of her favorite artists, Trevor Hall (kind of a reggae / rock mix). He’s actually the reason why this trip even happened for us. So that was amazing and happy!


I’ll speak for all the betches saying that we enjoyed this festival a whole lot and cannot wait to go back again next year!!



When you walk in off the street you feel the intense energy that this studio radiates. You’re greeted with a sick black neon sign. Black neon?! This is MY kind of place! Already dancing to the beat of the music and I’m ready to walk up to the bar and order a cocktail.


But it’s a healthy cocktail, of course! The Monster Cycle studio features Salud juice bar, serving up great fruit smoothies, cucumber water, and juices.

View of the Bikes – Cycling Studio @ The Monster Cycle

#HELLYEAH, is the mantra at The Monster Cycle – and it’s a MAJOR workout. Cycling to the RPM’s on your bike. Cycling to the loud, energetic, music videos that are up on the 2 huge screens in the front of the studio. Michael Macneal has perfected this nightclub meets “fun party scene” health and wellness studio.


Open for just over 3 weeks, The Monster Cycle studio is fresh, dark, and fucking awesome. I took class during a theme ride of “Jay Z vs. Beyonce” and it was epic.

Beyonce on the Big Screen

After cycling, I took a yoga class upstairs in a large comfortable room decorated with a tremendous lighted pentagram. Lindsey was the instructor – super positive, nice flow to the class, very helpful – overall: fabulous yoga class. Highly recommend this cycling studio for a killer ride and an all-levels yoga class.

Yoga & Strength Studio @ The Monster Cycle

 182 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013 / / 646.692.4703

Things I’m Into Right Now.

Shit I’m Into.

Moonflower (if eaten – not that you would) is a hallucinogenic. When burning, it’s supposed to give off the scent of the moonflower to a degree, leaving the people in its presence with a sense of euphoria, comfort and ease. Gets the creative mind moving. I’m newly obsessed with this candle from red flower, burning it daily at work and at home. It’s a deep, dark scent that can relax you into a psychedelic slumber. Cannot get enough, and I love that little fortune cookie! ❤


Think this is really cute! FYI on how to use your bobby pins – however, they work fine both ways IMO.


Street art that I love on Lafayette Street.


Whisper words of wisdom. Let it be.


Love this tiny bagel sandwich from Montreal style bagel shop Black Seed Bagels in Nolita. Beet Cured Salmon. It’s to. die. for.


Desk Essentials

Emergencies Come Up…

(if you’re me, they come up often…)

I’ve compiled a list of things that I keep on me AT ALL TIMES (let’s be honest – most times… CONSTANT MESS!) to handle all of life’s little emergencies.

The Minimergency Kit
This bad boy has EVERYTHING. See all contents in photo below. But like bandaid, sewing kit, safety pins, earring backs, deodorant, stain remover, mouth wash, nail file, Advil. YOU NAME IT! I’ve created my own version of this, but it’s perfect and super tiny so it fits right in your bag!


Sugar Packets
(for the true T1 diabetic betch… never know when you may need a boost!)

WetOnes Wipes
… and they have SO MANY USES.

Dry Shampoo
Saving grace for so many evenings where your hair does not look so nice after a day of work, weather, etc. I’m newly obsessed with dry shampoo, specifically Klorane (they do it so well).

Nail Polish Remover & Clear Nail Polish
Travel size so it doesn’t take up space and because chipped manicures are fucking disgusting. I’d rather be bare than have a gross chipped mani.

I mean, obviously. Besides typical use – these little suckers (pun) can be used with nail polish remover when you don’t have a cotton ball or tissue, or plug up a nose bleed, options are legit endless — great tool!

Spare Set of Tights
Black, obv. Don’t really need get in to the gradation of the tights…

Small travel packs (they come in really adorable styles now so you don’t look like your grandmother…)

Get a mini size of your favorite from a sample counter in the mall. Most brands sell small travel sizes. Add mascara to a no-makeup face and you look a million times more dressed up!

Oatmeal or Protein Bar
Betches need to eat. Protein-full items keep you more full for a longer period of time. Quest Bars are a favorite. So are KIND bars.

Can’t even say how many times a pair of tweezers has come in handy. To perfect an eyebrow, get out a splinter, any other random medical issue I may be having.

Tea Bag
Caffeine boost coming right up…

Deo / Eye Makeup Remover
for your BO! And quick clean-ups. Makeup remover gets pen off skin.

Travel Size Parfum
Parfum lasts longer and is stronger than eau de toilette, FYI. Little bit goes a long way – perfect and small.

I’m basically describing myself to be an old lady with a huge bag overflowing with crap… whatever.

All things every betch needs in her desk drawer at work or forever hold her peace.

Don’t Ask Me That…

People ask me the most ridiculous questions about my disease…

“I heard cinnamon cures diabetes…”
“Doesn’t cranberry cure it? Or it helps, right?”
“You can’t eat this right?” (points to cupcake they’re about to shove in their mouth)
“Wow. You give YOURSELF shots?” (As if I have somebody else to do this…)
“Does it hurt?” (Yes, asshole. I mean only sometimes).
“Did you get it from eating a lot of candy?”  Nope, but LOVE candy.
“What happens when you drink?” (I get drunk). “You can’t really do anything, right?” (Ummm, we clearly aren’t friends…)
NO GUYS – in fact, I am not a typical basic betch. I’m sort of just a normal ish (psycho) girl over here dealing with/coping with/owning the SHIT out of Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve been blessed screwed with this awful disease since I was 14 and I wish every single day that I was a basic betch. That is the biggest fucking lie of my entire career as a human being. But I do REALLY get annoyed with not being able to starve myself OR better, eat ice cream without feeling the guilt that normal people have to feel from it PLUS the fact that my blood sugar is going to be high for like 2 hours following and I’m going to feel like shit. And it’s much worse than feeling like shit for you lactose intolerant people – so I do not feel bad for you.
Or maybe I’ll feel totally fine… up to YOU, universe. LIVE ON. Go ahead, ask me a question… (keep apple juice on standby though).

Tiny Tea

If you know me AT ALL, you know that I’ll basically try anything once. Especially something that will “improve” my health. If it’s expensive? BRING IT TO ME, NOW. I’ve learned a few lessons with regard to expensive health treatments… $8,000 later. I’m in the same exact boat that I was last year plus 10 lbs. GREAT, Ash. Great.

Anyway – I’m obsessed with tea. Drink it every single day since I fake gave up on coffee. Which means I “stopped drinking it” – which REALLY means that I still drink it whenever I want, but I 99% of the time will always choose tea over coffee if I’m in a coffee shop. Unless coffee is the only option (and I need caffeine, or somebody is offering and I feel obligated). That’s how you fake give up on something.

Tiny Tea is an all-natural tea that also comes in Gluten Free – who knew tea even had gluten? but OK! They sell it in different packs – 14 day teatox for $35.00, 28 day teatox for $55. (I obviously used a coupon code to get a discount on this bad boy). Some people think I’m insane for spending that much $ on tea but they’re actually idiots because I know a Chinese man who spends over $800.00 on green tea that lasts him about a month. He’s CRAZY! But that tea sure is amazing – TRUST.


The goal of the Tiny Teatox is to decrease bloating, detox your body and replenish your intestines back to their natural state. It claims to be great for energy, clear up your skin and an herbal cleanse without any laxative effect. You drink it 30 minutes before each meal. I drink a ton of tea so I didn’t really mind this at all. It kind of helps curb your appetite and it also tastes pretty normal which is a HUGE PLUS!

OBVI repping my “MALE TEARS” mug ❤ obsessed.



Shawty Got LOW, Low, Low, Low…

I woke up at 5:04 AM completely wet. Soaked. One of those really scary low blood sugar moments when I wake up and my clothes are drenched. As if I just jumped in a pool, drenched. My hair is damp. My body is shaking and I have one thing on my mind. Literally my mind is blank – sometimes it takes me over 5 minutes of contemplating in my head whether or not I should remove myself from my bed to head into the kitchen to the fridge. I usually keep a granola bar or a juice box by my bed. A package of honey or a packet of sugar from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts also frequent the nightstands on either side of my bed. Sometimes I drink/use them though and forget to replace them. I like to live on the edge and sweat it out – pun intended.

So after pulling myself from my bed acting all zombie-like and still sweating profusely, I gain an obscene amount of strength which basically makes me feel as if I’m the Incredible Hulk. I feel like a stampede walking down the stairs – meanwhile it’s probably not like that at all but it’s how I’m imagining myself. Woman on a mission: eat carb’s immediately. Sugarrrrrrr please!!!

I open up the fridge and stare. And stare some more because my blood sugar is far below the normal range and my brain is not functioning properly. I pull a bottle of Tropicana OJ out of the fridge and fumble to find a glass/coffee mug/cup I can drink it out of. Sometimes if I’m really desperate (also really lazy) I’ll literally chug from the bottle. Having low blood sugar doesn’t only make me cranky, irritable and/or moody – it also makes me very anxious and more psycho than I usually am. Lucky everyone! Sometimes I revert to childlike tendencies and start to cry. So about now I took a few swigs of my OJ and I need something else to stabilize the carb’s I just drank to bring my blood sugar up. I try to find a protein or some other protein/carb combo – naturally I decide on Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. Other Ashley low-BG (blood glucose) staples are: peanut butter on a spoon, Nutella on a spoon, apple with almond butter, any fruit that’s on the counter, any & all leftovers in the fridge are also fair game…

After eating something I’ll usually sit down and stare at myself or rummage around for my blood glucose test kit. I set up my test kit – insert my little test strip and prick my finger with a lancet. Then I try to squeeze out a tiny drop of blood – except the vault is completely fucking dry. It’s the worst – so I have to prick another finger until my machine accepts what little amount of blood my fingers would like to offer up today.

finger stick

Just as expected! My meter reads a good old: 33 mg/dL.

Ummm….WHUT?! I just chugged Tropicana and ate like a half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? And my blood sugar is still 33 mg/dL. I’m scared. I’m freaked out. It’s 5:28AM now – I’m all alone and why is my blood sugar still so low? Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety. Help. Scared. What do I do?

Pour another glass of OJ / Mott’s Apple Juice / whatever other sugar-filled drink and head back to my bedroom with a package of glucose tablets (Raspberry flavored) and maybe another snack.

Raspberry Glucose Tabs = Best Flavor
Raspberry Glucose Tabs = Best Flavor

Now I’m freezing. Because my body just sweat through my sheets. Put on new pajamas. Get back into bed. Chug more juice. I’m so fucking full – I can’t eat another thing for hours. I still don’t feel well – maybe I’ll try to go back to sleep? Wonder where my blood sugar is at now? Re-test. 54 mg/dL! Going up – yay? Still kinda freakin’ low – I’ll wait a little while longer and re-test again. I know I can’t eat or drink anything else because it’s 5:45am and I’m obviously not hungry and now I’m wasting time being awake when I should be sleeping. I drink another half a glass of juice, I open up some gross organic granola bar and take a bite. Then I fall asleep.

Fast forward to 8:30AM when I’m waking up late for whatever appointment I had this morning (missing it, obviously…) rescheduling that shit, of course. My face is basically stuck to this chocolate pomegranate whatever the hell gross cereal bar I half ate in the middle of the night. My room is a mess. I test my blood sugar, 245 mg/dL. WHATTTT THE FFFFFFF? WHY?!?!?

Wasn’t I just bottoming out at 33 mg/dL three hours before? Why am I sky-rocketed now? It took my body so long to absorb the sugar I was putting into it and not doing ANYTHING – to wake up this morning to high blood sugar. C’monnnn – just can’t win. I’m exhausted from not sleeping and I’m exhausted from having high blood sugar. Take insulin to correct my high blood sugar – which sometimes takes hours to come back down to normal range (70-120) – and try to function as a normal part of society.

How was your morning, people? Because mine was REGULAR.

Regular old morning for me. 

Parisian Beauty Haul Part 2

Paris Beauty Haul Part Deux

Homeoplastine & Biafine

Before I went to Paris I thought it would be a good idea to go to a tanning salon so I wouldn’t look like I was translucent. POOR CHOICE, Ash. I think it was a mixture of me taking an antibiotic prescription the day before I tanned & the fact that I went on a run to the tanning place and sweaty… and just bad. Anyway, I got a heinous burn on my back.

Homeoplasmine & Biafine have saved my back in a few short days. Homeoplasmine is a oil or vaseline based and is great for minor cuts & burns. All of this stuff is prescription strength so it blows products like Neosporin out of the water. Biafine is a prescription strength cream – smells great and softens even the roughest of skin. Great on sunburns! And my back looks normal again. 😉IMG_9572


BioRecept Hydra’ Fluide

This moisturizer is meant for all skin types. It penetrates the skin quickly and doesn’t leave any thick residue which is a make or break for me! NO greasiness, yay! Skin is getting softer by the minute. I’m really only doing it for the #flawless #IWokeUpLikeThis Instagram selfie. duh! And a great price of €16,90.


BioRecept Gommage de Peau

This is a masque & exfoliation product combo that also works as a cleanser. You can use this a few times a week or even every day if you feel it’s necessary. The exfoliation does not contain any hard particles so it’s completely soft and will not irritate skin. Great for acne prone skin.


 Lierac Anti-Blemish Mattifying Fluid

My absolute favorite moisturizer from my trip to Paris! The mattifying qualities in the moisturizer leave my skin feeling so super soft while still working super hard at battling any blemishes that I do have. Use after a cleanser day & night. I wish I would have purchased like 10 of these!



Klorane Makeup Remover Wipes

Was beyond excited to see these beautiful paraben-free, fragrance-free wipes in Paris! I use these regularly, from a boutique skincare place in Roslyn and spend over $20.00 on them. Talk about a huge bargain for me at ONLY €4! For me, anyways. I love the way they feel and they do a great job of removing any excess makeup after washing my face the 1st time. Great for the gym or at the end of night out.




ash skincare


Stay soft. & beautiful! 

Parisian Pharmacies: Part 1

Parisian Beauty Haul

If by chance you did not have the pleasure of this knowledge, the French people make outstanding beauty products. The pharmacy or “pharmacie” in Paris are like the high end designer CVS. High quality with exceptionally effective formulas AND the prices are fantastic. But let me tell you – bitches are crazy! I’m talking 3+ security guards at Citypharma (the mecca of all + Pharmacies).

Imagine the following: Women grasping their oversize plastic hand baskets, bumping into each other to snatch whatever they can get their hands on, weaving in and out of skinny little aisles. Much easier to navigate if you’re French, much more fun to navigate when you’re American. Pharmacies in Paris are much different than pharmacies in America. First, you aren’t holding a typical Venti Starbucks cup in your hand. Secondly, you can’t really go in and buy OTC drugs – you ask for them from the pharmacist. Basically best case scenario for next time is to first go up to the pharmacist and ask for Xanax. Then proceed to the beauty section to go head to head with Parisian women for the last €39,90 eye cream on the shelf. I went a little bit crazy (shocker) so I’m splitting this up into 2 parts.

 Bioderma Créaline H2O

Removes makeup and cleans your face like a dream – odorless & basically like water but a whole lot better. This is a dream product & highly recommended. Use with a cotton pad – removes excess makeup even after you wash your face.


Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Overall moisturizer for daily use. From my experience it seemed a little heavy for my liking but dried well and didn’t leave any oily residue. Claims to be good for all skin types and I would say it worked nicely for combination skin like what I have. Not my favorite out of all moisturizers I tried.


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil

Oil is interesting to me. This oil is great because it’s meant for skin, hair, body…all over! I would never put oil in my hair because it’s so fine & thin and would completely weigh it down – but if it’s your thing – then cool. IT SMELLS AMAZINGGGGG! I used it on my dry as the arid desert legs and they were smoother in less than 24 hours. Aprox. €10.


Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

This is a GAME CHANGER! I get oily hair and really hate using powdered dry shampoo because I’m really bad at it. Like I look like I dumped flour in my hair and I just don’t think it really works. So after giving this type a try from a recommendation, I’m hooked! Aerosol is an A+ for this product!


Avène Cold Cream

Which is not cold cream at all – it’s lip balm. And it’s heavenly! It makes chapped lips feel like a million bucks. And it has a gorgeous slight shimmer that looks like you put on lipgloss except you’re just treating your lips to a masterpiece of soft, plushy, hydrated goodness. Perfection.



Yes, I spent way too much $ or € on Parisian beauty. But better skin = less makeup so that’s good enough reason for me. Stay tuned for Part 2!