Desk Essentials

Emergencies Come Up…

(if you’re me, they come up often…)

I’ve compiled a list of things that I keep on me AT ALL TIMES (let’s be honest – most times… CONSTANT MESS!) to handle all of life’s little emergencies.

The Minimergency Kit
This bad boy has EVERYTHING. See all contents in photo below. But like bandaid, sewing kit, safety pins, earring backs, deodorant, stain remover, mouth wash, nail file, Advil. YOU NAME IT! I’ve created my own version of this, but it’s perfect and super tiny so it fits right in your bag!


Sugar Packets
(for the true T1 diabetic betch… never know when you may need a boost!)

WetOnes Wipes
… and they have SO MANY USES.

Dry Shampoo
Saving grace for so many evenings where your hair does not look so nice after a day of work, weather, etc. I’m newly obsessed with dry shampoo, specifically Klorane (they do it so well).

Nail Polish Remover & Clear Nail Polish
Travel size so it doesn’t take up space and because chipped manicures are fucking disgusting. I’d rather be bare than have a gross chipped mani.

I mean, obviously. Besides typical use – these little suckers (pun) can be used with nail polish remover when you don’t have a cotton ball or tissue, or plug up a nose bleed, options are legit endless — great tool!

Spare Set of Tights
Black, obv. Don’t really need get in to the gradation of the tights…

Small travel packs (they come in really adorable styles now so you don’t look like your grandmother…)

Get a mini size of your favorite from a sample counter in the mall. Most brands sell small travel sizes. Add mascara to a no-makeup face and you look a million times more dressed up!

Oatmeal or Protein Bar
Betches need to eat. Protein-full items keep you more full for a longer period of time. Quest Bars are a favorite. So are KIND bars.

Can’t even say how many times a pair of tweezers has come in handy. To perfect an eyebrow, get out a splinter, any other random medical issue I may be having.

Tea Bag
Caffeine boost coming right up…

Deo / Eye Makeup Remover
for your BO! And quick clean-ups. Makeup remover gets pen off skin.

Travel Size Parfum
Parfum lasts longer and is stronger than eau de toilette, FYI. Little bit goes a long way – perfect and small.

I’m basically describing myself to be an old lady with a huge bag overflowing with crap… whatever.

All things every betch needs in her desk drawer at work or forever hold her peace.

Cross My Body

Cross body bags are the NEW fanny pack.

Quality Fanny Pack Right Thurr
Quality Fanny Pack Right Thurr

Not that fanny packs were ever really in. And not that they’re ever even out – take a trip to Disney World and look at all the middle aged men wearing them… Quick – clean up your vomit and I’ll tell you all about the versatile, chic & easy to wear version of them.

Honestly while traveling or going out, a cross body has become a huge staple handbag in my wardrobe.

It’s a constant win because you don’t have to hold it – Hands free is always for me. I don’t want to carry more things that I have to in my hands because I’ll probably spill my green tea on myself & singe my hand or ruin my silk blouse.

Cross-bodies mean no pain – AKA it’s not weighing down your shoulder. It can’t even weigh that much because you can’t load it with every item from your bedroom like your usual daily bag for work.

It’s the chic girl’s version of the fanny pack. Which I have to say I would not hate AT ALL!!! If it was at a music festival. I was dressed in neon and listening to electronic music for hours on end. It was questionable but worth it. I’ve done music festivals with Marc Jacobs as well and it doesn’t end well.

Enjoy a few of my Favorites

Most luxe: Chanel (give meeee)

Practical: emPOWERED


Bright: Cambridge Satchel Company (obviously unhooked because I’m lazy – oops!)

Carryall: J. Crew Sophie Crossbody Bag


HUGE Inside with Tons of Pockets!

Inexpensive: Forever 21

Forever 21 "Subtle Thing" Crossbody $16.80 !!!
Forever 21 “Subtle Thing” Crossbody $16.80 !!!

Vintage: Floral Snaptop Bag

from Recycling Red Dresses in Saratoga Springs, NY
from Recycling Red Dresses in Saratoga Springs, NY

Everyday Going Out Bag: Gucci Soho Disco Bag

gucci soho disco bag
Ultimate Favorite Bag and Comes in Endless Colors! I have this color <3


With all of these gorgeous examples – please leave your fanny pack at home. I don’t care if  you’re still hungover from Coachella. Step your game into some of the new age fanny packs, “cross body’s!”



Came across this “to-die-for” clutch that launched back in January and immediately put in my pre-order for the black color! Introducing emPOWERED.

How often have you been out somewhere and you’re phone flashes you that cute little message, LOW BATTERY. For me, basically every single day – multiple times per day. It’s bad. Probably from all of the selfies I was taking…oops. 0% = I die.

My Worst Nightmare...
My Worst Nightmare…

This “IT bag” – IT standing for “basically being a celeb because it’s such a coveted item” and IT standing for Information Technology because, THIS bag charges phones!  


Dreams and prayers from phone over-users & over-abusers have been answered! If you’re like me, you’re constantly in fear that your phone will die and you won’t be able to reply to a message, check Instagram, Twitter, FB, Google ANYTHING…obsessed? Yes, unfortunately.

The bag’s built-in charger can take your phone’s battery from 0 to 100%! emPOWERED uses a USB connection so whatever device you’re using can get charged! iPhone 4 & 5, Android, Kindle, even cameras (who even uses those anymore, honestly?).


The design is rather chic – can be worn as a cross-body with a long strap, carried as a clutch on date night or GNO & it’s even thin enough to be tucked into your larger day bag or work bag. It’s leather which is a bonus for me because I love leather. It’s black which is a bonus for everybody because it goes with everything. emPOWERED comes in different colors, patterns and materials and is priced at a steal of $149. The brand just launched their “Large Leather Tote” that is a godsend & perfect for students, work commuters, and people who carry their lives in their handbags!


Posing with my new tech gear!  ashley empowered bag

Excited to use this puppy on my upcoming adventures! Also looking forward to never fearing the inability to stalk my friends, upload an artsy Instagram or look up directions when I’m lost every day of my life.

Image via
Image via

Charging complete. 100%.