Perfume Solids are a THING again.

I honestly don’t know if they were ever “out of style,” but everything Glossier touches comes into style. The signature scent “You” is now available in a solid perfume. And its chic. And its fits in your hand perfectly, similar to how the bottle is meant to be shaped perfectly for a hand.

It’s a weighted metal compact. Love a compact moment. Love products that have a “play with me” factor. The solid perfume is a creamy, silky, soft texture and I’m really into it.

This scent is flattering and lovable on so many different people I’ve met. Friends and family are telling me often how much they love my fragrance. So much positive feedback about this fragrance, I wear YOU everyday! 😉

If it’s your first purchase, shop with me for 20% off! I’m a rep, if you have any questions ever – DM me on Instagram. 😘


Things I’m Into

Little bit of what I’ve been up to lately. Lovely breakfast at Sunday in Brooklyn. The farmhouse decor gives me feel good vibes. Overall v cool place to go with friends or on a date.

Pancakes 🥞 yum. You know when you eat some bougie breakfast that’s hyped so hard and you’re expecting it to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever put to your lips? Yeah. This was okay. Should’ve tried something else. Very decadent, but too malty and chocolatey for me. Looks amazing though!

Some easy car shopping at McLaren. LOL just kidding. This Mirawai White color though, looks gorgeous. I want all of the things in this color. Blue white. Into it.

And when you want something, all the universe conspires for you to achieve it." – The Alchemist

I'm listening to this on audiobook. Many times. Trying to absorb.

he Great South Bay iced over. Starting to melt a bit finally, these pictures were from a walk I took on an almost 60 degree day in January this past Sunday.

Glossier YOU Pre Sale

New fragrance alert! 🚨 Glossier You is available for Presale on my Glossier Rep page. When you shop my rep page you can receive 20% off your first order including the pre-order and free shipping! 

Glossier You is launching end of this month (more info to follow) but you can shop with me here first! 

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First reactions to Glossier You: so in love. So different but exactly what I would expect from Glossier. Natural. Clean. Luxury. Byredo but Glossier’s version. 😍 Millenial affordability. 

Also side note – really love how Glossier is adding the color red into their coloring and campaigns! ❤️ Adds a nice contrast in with the millennial pink. 

Wowder! By Glossier

My go-to beauty brand, Glossier just launched Wowder! Not a powder. 

It’s not your ordinary setting powder. Leaves no white-cast and is offered in 3 sheer shades. I’m a Glossier rep, and was gifted the Light/Medium shade. I’m a huge fan of a setting powder even though I haven’t used one in over a year. 


I fell in love with a setting powder called Moonshot by a Korean beauty brand that discontinued making it. Originally published in Emily Weiss’ Top Shelf, I became hooked after trying it. I ordered 2 and used them like they were going out of style. Once I ran out, I freaked out after not being able to find more. 😦 Nothing available on the black market (eBay).

In early May I talked to Emily Weiss about my troubles and not being able to find any replacements.  Her reply was “I got you.” 

Lo and behold, “she got me!” This is that powder. But nicer because it’s available in more shades! I’m obsessed. This does everything I want it to do. I use it on day where I don’t want that glossy look. When I’m over looking shiny. 

It looks amazing in photos! So you don’t look shiny or have a flash on your face. But also doesn’t make you look cakey either! Complete game changer. 

Love taking photos of Glossier products because they’re beautiful! 😍

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Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016

Feeling extremely fortunate to have attended the Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016 fashion show at NYFW this past month. The show was held at the Park Avenue Armory uptown, where the space was recreated into a perfect stark white room to juxtapose the dark, smokey looks that walked the runway.

Working with both Marc Jacobs RTW Collection Design and Production teams at MJ HQ allowed me to literally see first hand how intricate, detailed and beautiful the creative process is. So many long hours of hard work and dedication by so many exceptionally talented people. As they say, “it takes a village.” And this village resides at 72 Spring Street in downtown Manhattan.


The buildup to the show was intense, as all fashion shows are and as any deadline can be. Viewing this season from sketches and ideas to swatches of fabrics and furs; from samples of trim being assembled and buttons hand sewn on to the final pieces that walked the runway was absolutely unreal. Getting a sneak peak of Kendall Jenner on Tuesday and Wednesday night’s in preparation for Thursday’s show was super cool / aka fangirl-ing.

Kendall’s Look – No Peeking!

Check her super cute Vogue NYFW video here:

Lady Gaga totally killed in the MJ show as well – completely unsuspected surprise by basically everyone. See more in the MJ video above. Her look is rad, although she looks pretty crazy in this photo.

One of my favorite jackets / looks was the collabo with Canada Goose – I watched somebody take a perfectly beautiful Canada Goose down jacket and cut it in half… to create the beautiful crop jacket with feathers pictured below on the left. I can’t get over it and I want one ASAP. So like, think of me next Christmas when you’re shopping. And Molly Bair completely SLAYED the final look of the show in the photo below right.


Some more of my favorite looks from the show are:


The show had a gothic yet sweet vibe and everything was dynamically opposed. Oversize, yet barely there. Every model was in sky high platforms that I’m already coveting.


Gracious to have been a part of a truly magical production of Marc Jacobs NYFW 2016. Catch more Marc Jacobs here.

Rubber Mask

“K-Beauty” or Korean Beauty is a huge part of the beauty movement right now.

Pure, porcelain, clean skin is the ideal image and that’s exactly what I want. No matter the tone, I think that’s what all skin types want. K-beauty offers skincare that cleanses, targets super specific problem areas and protects. Also all about hydration!

So I purchased some chic new beauty products from Glow Recipe because I’ve been hearing so much about how awesome these specific skincare regimes are. #Rubbermasking has been trending and how great it makes your skin feel immediately.


Today on my lunch break (highly productive!), I met with Co-Founder of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang, to hear more about the new Charcoal Rubber Modeling Mask that Lindsay, a skincare brand they carry just launched. We sampled the mask and talked about what type of K skincare I should be using for my combination/oily T-Zone skin. Being that I’m constantly on the search for new products and things that actually work – I’m 100% down with the K beauty kick and I’m not getting off yet!

The Details

The rubbermask comes in a DIY, but ready-to-go Cup-A-Noodles style package. This time I used the Collagen Modeling Mask.


“Just add water,” but literally.


Add a little less than to the line it suggests and start mixing with the provided spatula until it becomes a cake mix-like texture.


Then begin to spread it on your face, THICK. Don’t be afraid, you want to use as much of it as you can – like all of it. Avoid the eye area. And the hair area / eyebrows / and mouth and nose. There are detailed instructions provided so follow them!



Let sit for 15 minutes or so and you’ll see the mask starting to lift at the edges. The thicker you apply, the easier it is to take off! You’ll literally be able to peel the entire mask off in one easy piece if its thick enough. Maybe a few pieces, but hardly any mess at all. After a few minutes, the mask actually turns super cold which I thought was interesting.



Christine said it perfectly, that it’s “very satisfying!” The best part about these masks are that there are many different types! I have another one to try out, can’t wait to continue on with my K-Beauty regime. I left Glow Recipe today with a bunch of samples too, which I can’t wait to try out!

The Price

$6 each – OMG, yes. That inexpensive! Sick!! Glow Recipe offers free shipping with orders over $50, so you should probably do that because who wants to pay for shipping?

Glossier Review

So I’m a skincare junkie. I’m also a shopping addict. I have OCD — (likely). When I see something I want and it’s easily attainable – it automatically becomes a MUST HAVE.

FullSizeRender 2

Since Into the Gloss blog founder Emily Weiss launched Glossier – I knew it had to be amazing and I knew I needed it immediately. Glossier’s website says it best:

“How many products do you own, and how many do you actually use? We are creating a highly edited collection of modern staples reflecting how you get ready every day, starting with the most important thing—a perfectly primed canvas (your skin!)—and working our way up.”

“Our formulas are designed to live with you, not on you, and enhance what you already have. They are meant to be touched, smooshed, traveled with, cherished, and shared until their packages are crinkly and dirty and can literally give no more.”

I purchased the starter kit and the packaging it arrives in is super cute / it also comes with stickers which I LOVE. I think this is a great starter pack for people who use a lot of products and are fed up with it. Kind of lightens your load in a sense…
My Review’s Below…
Balm Dot Com: Skin salve. This is nice. It’s high high high in the running against Lucas Papaw Ointment which I use regularly. It can be used basically anywhere. GREAT for lips! Highly recommend if you have chapped lips and you are constantly in the lip balm / chapstick phenomena of constantly reapplying and you kind of think it doesn’t help you but makes you use it more. You can put it on dry cuticles. Dry elbows/knees/palms. Anywhere that needs a little extra lovin’!
Priming Moisturizer: Warning! Comes out of tube, very quickly. Positive: the tubing is very squeezable – does that make sense?! It’s like – do you know how it’s sometimes difficult to get the last of a product out of it’s tube? Yeah, well – this solves that problem. The packaging is super easy to get the cream out of. It’s a light-ish cream and its unscented which I love. It’s build-able – I’m not exactly sure what that means. It’s used as a nice makeup primer and I like it for that as well. It’s a great combination of your moisturizer and your primer. Put on after cleansing and before makeup. Recommend.
Perfecting Skin Tint: Are you a makeup girl or a non-makeup girl? If your answer is non-makeup girl, this is FOR YOU!!! It is extremely thin coverage. I don’t even want to say coverage because it does not cover you. It makes you feel as if you’re wearing nothing! Which is MAJOR. It’s definitely not for blemish coverage. HOWEVER, if you mix some of this in to your typical foundation, it will thin it out and give you a nice, dewy, clean finish. I got the medium color – which I think most people will fall in – unless you’re extremely pale or have much darker pigmentation. Highly suggest mixing it in with your daily foundation or BB/CC cream if you use one. Recommend if you have nice skin and if you just want to even out skin tone and wear something. Do not recommend for trying to cover up much of anything. Great mixer though for sure. 😉
Soothing Face Mist: A major mist fan, I always carry a mist with me, I always keep a mist in/on my desk at work, always on my vanity at home, and one in my carry-all travel bag. Basically, I live the nomadic life – at my apartment in Brooklyn, on Long Island at my best friends’ homes, and I travel a lot on the weekends. I’ve been enjoying the rosewater mist they make. Look for a future blog about rosewater mists because they’ve been a natural obsession of mine. Also Kim Kardashian West is obsessed with rosewater too, so OBV.
Shop my personal link below for 20% off your first order!! 

Trust Issues

There is one person in this world that I trust

…her name is Zoraida and she’s my eyebrow specialist. Yeah, it’s like that. She’s amazing at what she does and there is no other person that I would allow anywhere near my eyebrows. She does not wax or thread, but tweezes (preferred method) and it’s genius. She’s the best. I’m still very confused why people go to a “nail salon” to get their eyebrows done. Doesn’t make sense – & unfortunately – it’s not a one-stop-shop. Nail places are for manicures. Eyebrow shaping is for eyebrow specialists. DUH.

Whatever – if you’re interested, message me & I’ll give you her contact if I like you enough. Eyebrow obsession has become so popular lately (due to the likes of SUPERMODEL Cara Delevingne & her infamous brows) that even dudes are talking about it… this is shocking to me. One of my guy friends asked me, “What’s up with that girl’s eyebrows? Why do they have 90 degree angles? Why do girls want that? Looks awful.” So yeah, even dudes care when your brows suck…I’ve been curating mine since the ripe age of 13. Eyebrows are the most important feature on a face because they totally frame it – they shape a face and they are one of the first features noticed on people. With the perfect amount of pencil and shading with a brow highlighter, you can transform your entire look. Eyebrow tutorial to follow.


So yeah, if you think I’m crazy. I’m not – I’m psychotic.


how-to-care-for-your-eyebrowsAgain, OBSESSED.