Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Insight about Love

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These days friendship and love are as long lasting as a piece of Juicy Fruit (best flavor, yet worst gum ever).  With a swipe to the left we can remove people, things, pictures, and memories.  Where do these friendships really exist though? With life moving so fast, technology moves even faster. We forget the morals. The good stuff in life. The moments that should be cherished are Instagrammed (made that word up – look for it in Webster’s in like 6-8 weeks) #selfie. But really.  Even just today I came to a very serious decision regarding a somewhat unhealthy situation that was eating me alive while benefiting the other party. I decided I didn’t want that anymore – so within a few exchanges of text message the situation was over. Again. We were no longer fuck buddies. So that’s cool. But really -over text, why?! Well because I would have had to deal with the feelings eating me up inside for a whole week until he decided that he wanted to see me naked again. And by that time I would have somewhat dulled the feelings I am having now-and would certainly partake in the activity that leaves me feeling exactly the way I’m feeling right now-DUMB. Stupid. Hiding my feelings. Of no value. Unloved. Used. Hopeful.

Hopeful that I would be able to cross all previous feelings away & let go in to this to be happy and in love because we fit so well together.

I’m realizing that there are things you can compromise in relationships-of any kind. But the promises we make to ourselves are the most important. Breaking those promises is just — flat out, fucking stupid. I promised myself a long time ago that I never wanted to feel that way again and if something or someone made me feel that way…I would text them and tell them “I’ll ttyl, k. cuz like I like u and I don’t wanna lol”.  And really. I didn’t want to text that at 11:40 AM on the 3rd Sunday in March. But I did. How do I feel about it?

I feel. Sad at first. But his answer-made me feel happy. Clarity from the nothingness of what this has been for so long. I was the one keeping myself there…its not that he ever let me go…he never had me. I wanted him to have me though. That’s the problem in life. People always want what they don’t have. Can’t have. Won’t have. We spend our whole lives trying to be better. Get better. Live better. This is all great – in fact if we didn’t try to be better life would suck capital D. But-maybe we need to also appreciate what’s standing in front of us once in a while.  And appreciate it for what it is.  I sometimes think we try to make situations and relationships into something that they aren’t. And then we build this little “house of hope” on top of this situation and lock ourselves inside, crying & stalking Instagram. Or maybe, we open up all the doors and windows and clean house for Spring. 

middle finger

 Somebody sent me this awhile ago to post – I’ve held on to it up until this very moment because – it is so relevant to my life today. Staying in today. Looking forward to Spring Cleaning. xox

Blog Written by: Anonymous /// Blog Edited by: Me, obviously…


What to say when you don’t know what to say? Nothing.

How to act when you don’t exactly know how to act? Do you go for it? Do you hold back? Do you not want to regret an action or feel guilty? Do you want to feel happy but not sure if you’re going to?

For all of the indecisive people in this world, myself being one of the strongest – life works out better when you wait it out. Certain things, obv not all. But hear me out.

If you’re on the fence about how to react to something. Just, DON’T REACT. Don’t say a word. Do not respond. Do not talk back. Do not make a decision. The best way to react is to literally do nothing.

You look so much prettier whilst doing nothing. No frown lines. No wrinkles. Duh.

You feel so much less emotion, which is easier because you haven’t done anything. It’s a win for the moment. (I wish I could convey my tone of voice through this text – reason for all the bold/italicized font, UGH whatever).

Now, my advice does not mean do nothing forever. I mean, I’m not a total IDIOT. Like – you’re eventually going to have to face whatever problem you just avoided or deal with whatever you’ve been hiding from. But at least you’ll have a clear mind when you choose to do so. And most importantly, you’ll be in better control of the situation. The best way to use this form of advice is when somebody is specifically looking for a reaction from you. That is when you DO NOT GIVE A REACTION. You hold no mercy. Sorry, NOT sorry.

No apology needed! EVER! Don’t apologize to anybody for the way you feel. If you were a nasty person, then maybe an apology is due to the person you were nasty to. If you were having a bad day, apology isn’t always needed if your bad day is explained to previously mentioned party. A quick, “I’m sorry for the way I acted when I was hungry.” is acceptable. No dramatic apology here though.

I will never apologize to an idiot that doesn’t deserve one. I will say abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING. I don’t want to give you the satisfaction of the reaction. We are so done with the conversation.

Contrary to popular belief that I am the nastiest girl to live 😉 … I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. In a “nothing” kind of way. It’s completely the best idea I’ve ever had to stay positive toward people who need it most. A smile says EVERYTHING. No words uttered. Just one smile. It screams something to everybody. I think it’s a super ugly thing to root for somebody else’s failure, no matter how much they suck. And how badly it #suckstosuck. In this case, you just smile wider.

Example #1: Guy you met at a bar texts you non-stop for 3 weeks and then just stops…because he clearly sucks. AKA, you were ghosted girlfriend. What do you want to do? Text him something like “hey stranger.” DON’T! Poor choice, immediately. You’re done, girl. Sorry beb. Over. Never do this. Do nothing. Simple. Thank me later.

Example #2: Friend #1 asks you to hold a secret. Other friend (#2) asks what’s going on with friend #1. Say nothing. It’s not worth it to speak of friend 1’s secret to friend 2. None of #2’s business. Leave them out of it. Friend 1 clearly did not want to you say anything to anybody, let alone friend 2! REACTION: NOTHING. Unemotional, unphased (not a real word, just Googled obv), inactive face. You have nothing to let on to or let out because there is nothing that needs to be shared. Keep that shit to yourself. Practice tolerance and willpower to not say a peep. Now, I’m not talking the “Oh, I totally know what you mean… She’s been super weird lately to me to I have no idea what’s going on with her though, it must be that douchey guy she’s talking to or that she’s been working over 60 hours a week. I don’t know – I guess I could ask her if you want me to.” I’m talking SHUT UP. Preferred response: (smile) “Nothing.”

This post was about “nothing” in particular, LOL hence it’s title. Except me.