Reso’s on Reso’s

Write it down, write it down, write it down. Somewhere out there exists data supporting the statement that “things get done when you write them down.” I made that up… but maybe you believed me? Here I am writing down my goals and resolutions for 2016.

Share your champagne. <3ย 

Taper expectations while aiming high. Sounds a bit contradictory, but I’m trying to bring myself into a bit of reality today. Realizing that I shouldn’t go into situations with the expectation that they will be great or even good, and just to live in the moment. No need to set unrealistic objectives for myself or pretend that I’m perfect.

Figuring it all out – as if that can be done. Uh, see above.

Being open to share responsibilities with others. I am exponentially and fiercely independent in many aspects of my life. I don’t allow people to hold my hand or walk me through things typically. This year I want to trust more and leave some power up to others around me. Will be a difficult task since I’m a firm believer in doing things for yourself and that you’re your biggest fan and only you can make you happy.ย While still trying to personally grow and maintain relationships with others, I’ve realized that I need to be more open.ย Become more receptive to the needs of those around me. Become more vocal about my own needs and wants.ย 

Go somewhere / do something new and cultural on a monthly basis or as often as possible. Living in NYC is amazing but sometimes extremely daunting. So instead of spending the winter hiding from the cold weather that will approach sometime soon – I’m planning on going out and exploring new places, exhibits, museums, art galleries, restaurants, etc.

This is a personal resolution that I have every single year, without fail. Become a better type 1 diabetic. ๐Ÿ˜ Hard to relate to I guess, but simple things like taking my insulin before meals (every time!), not eating super carb-y foods, wearing my DexCom all the time (continuous blood sugar testing) and drinking more water.

Career goals exist and will maybe be discussed in another blog post. Hope everyone takes a moment to think about some things you’d like to improve upon in your life for the new year – and not only in the new year, think about that shit every single day. Ring it in well. Xx

David Yurman Limited Edition Renaissance Bracelet

David Yurman Limited Edition Renaissance Bracelet in Champagne Aluminum

David Yurman came out with these gorgeous lightweight aluminum versions of the classic Renaissance Bracelet as the bracelet turned 30 years old this year! They came out in a bunch of gorgeous colors – pink, green, light blue, purple, black, champagne, yellow, light green, red, light grey, and a few gorgeous pave diamond’s – brown, black & silver. TO. DIE. FOR! They range in price from the aluminum’s at $350 to the pave’s at $85,000 – fun, I’ll take all 3!

They’ve been out since February 15th and even went on a pre-sale, which I resisted and I’m now regretting. I’ve been coveting the champagne, black, light grey & light blue colored aluminum bracelets, as they’d complement my daily outfits just perfectly. The aluminum material is a much more affordable version of the 18K gold, sterling silver & titanium bracelets that DY usually features – also much lighter in weight. These little glimpses of heaven are basically sold out everywhere in most colors – so if you can get your hands on one, consider yourself one lucky betch.

2014 – woke up this morning, still a bitch.

Happy 2014!

Woke up this morning in my apartment, alone, with an amazing outlook on my beautiful life. Wholeheartedly, decided to open up the refrigerator & remove 1 bottle of celebratory champagne. Followed by opening up the cabinet and removing 1 of my mother’s gorgeous champagne glasses from her wedding, which I now have because divorce. (Thanks parents, for all of your fab belongings that remind you of each other, that have been forcefully gifted to me. Love you much). And now I’m drinking the entire bottle to my face, because I’m me. Thank God I don’t mind what people think of me.


Sat down to do my daily reading/stalking on IG, Twitter, Facebook, so that was different.

This year I’m going to do new things. I’m not going to focus on all of the “off” things in my life & focus on the positive things. Do cool shit. Do new things. All the time – step out of the comfort zone because I’m pretty good at being forced out of the comfort zone. Might as well just stay there and live it well.

Up on the agenda:

Learn French.


Look back at it.