Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016

Feeling extremely fortunate to have attended the Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016 fashion show at NYFW this past month. The show was held at the Park Avenue Armory uptown, where the space was recreated into a perfect stark white room to juxtapose the dark, smokey looks that walked the runway.

Working with both Marc Jacobs RTW Collection Design and Production teams at MJ HQ allowed me to literally see first hand how intricate, detailed and beautiful the creative process is. So many long hours of hard work and dedication by so many exceptionally talented people. As they say, “it takes a village.” And this village resides at 72 Spring Street in downtown Manhattan.


The buildup to the show was intense, as all fashion shows are and as any deadline can be. Viewing this season from sketches and ideas to swatches of fabrics and furs; from samples of trim being assembled and buttons hand sewn on to the final pieces that walked the runway was absolutely unreal. Getting a sneak peak of Kendall Jenner on Tuesday and Wednesday night’s in preparation for Thursday’s show was super cool / aka fangirl-ing.

Kendall’s Look – No Peeking!

Check her super cute Vogue NYFW video here:

Lady Gaga totally killed in the MJ show as well – completely unsuspected surprise by basically everyone. See more in the MJ video above. Her look is rad, although she looks pretty crazy in this photo.

One of my favorite jackets / looks was the collabo with Canada Goose – I watched somebody take a perfectly beautiful Canada Goose down jacket and cut it in half… to create the beautiful crop jacket with feathers pictured below on the left. I can’t get over it and I want one ASAP. So like, think of me next Christmas when you’re shopping. And Molly Bair completely SLAYED the final look of the show in the photo below right.


Some more of my favorite looks from the show are:


The show had a gothic yet sweet vibe and everything was dynamically opposed. Oversize, yet barely there. Every model was in sky high platforms that I’m already coveting.


Gracious to have been a part of a truly magical production of Marc Jacobs NYFW 2016. Catch more Marc Jacobs here.

My 1st SHOW: Calvin Klein SS15

Situated with a gorgeous view overlooking lower Manhattan at Spring Studios, the energy was real and almost tense as the anticipation built for Francisco Costa’s Spring Summer ’15 collection for Calvin Klein.

For my first ever fashion show at New York Fashion Week, I’d say I did really well. Was granted an ALL ACCESS pass and was escorted around backstage and front of the house, pre-show!



Met Francisco Costa (Creative Director, Calvin Klein Women) briefly, pre-show, he was so focused and yet out of his mind & this world. This overall experience was so unreal that I feel like I would be making is up if I didn’t actually live it. Check out some backstage pics of the makeup room and hair room, dressing room too! (5 minutes before showtime). Backstage were some “light snacks” – mini burger sliders, fruit, sandwiches, lots of drinks.


Everyone and I mean everyone was dressed in black.

All black everything. Calvin Klein, duh. The music was dark – like a heartbeat but also sort of terrifying and amping. Music ultimately sets and creates mood and this music created a mystery of anticipation, sitting on the edge of your seat style (or for me – standing).


It was the calm before the storm just before people started flooding in. Everyone started piling in.

Spot: SJP to the left in a Cobalt coat.

Some serious celebs: Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rooney Mara, Kate Moss, Nina Garcia ahhhh! All of my fave fashion bloggers – Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, BryanBoy, Irene Kim, Mira Duma. So major!

As the runway started, a room filled with hundreds of people was completely silent. The first model emerged in deep navy blue. Every style was clean and crisp. Very minimal and lean, close to the body silhouettes in this collection. Tiered looks with small high belts and some metal detail. The color palette of course very strict: black, navy blue, gorgeous cream colored dresses and some deep, rich sultry reds (interesting for Spring, but LOVE nonetheless!). Long silhouettes and tank dresses were a major trend as well as metallic glossy fabrics.






The show lasted about 8 and a half minutes. 8.5 minutes of pure bliss. iPhones out. I didn’t know whether or not to watch or take photos. Did both so I missed a few looks because IDC what anybody says – seeing something with your own 2 eyes is far more breathtaking than any photo will ever do justice.

OBVI, Blurry …

Once the show ended, Francisco Costa came out for a quick bow and wave, applause and BREAK! Everybody starts to bolt out of there! It turned into the loud boisterous chaos that it was just 15 minutes prior. I was situated near the door – Anna Wintour bolted and legit RAN out of there – kinda humorous to watch. I caught up with Eva Chen (Editor of Lucky Magazine) in the elevator and we took an #elevatorselfie together. Most epic elevator ride EVER – filled with a serious faves – Grade Coddington! UM yesssss!

Eva Chen and Me – #ELEVATORSELFIE ❤
L to R (Clockwise): Nina Garcia, Rumi Neely, Mira Duma, Grace Coddington
Kate Moss, sigh.
Chiara Ferragni ❤

Cannot wait for next fashion week! #NYFW #MBFW

Perfectly Packed for Paris

Time for another European exploration! A few months back with December ending, I felt an oh so familiar urge… I had a little bout of faith and decided to book a flight to Paris, for tomorrow.

Looking back at it now, eh, maybe not the best idea. But in reality, why the hell not? I’m a huge advocate of doing amazing things while I’m young. And just doing amazing things, period. Always. LIVE LIFE NOW. I’d rather see the world and travel with friends and live my life as uncontrolled as possible at a young age. Because obviously, when you’re old, you’re old. Kidding — you’re more wise! And you won’t do half the shit I’m thinking about, so to each his her own.

I did a quick segment a few weeks ago about packing for a quick weekend trip to Richmond & Charlottesville, VA. This part will be about what to pack while traveling to Paris in the Spring (for 1 week).


Key: don’t pack too much. Shop in Paris & draw inspo from the locals – see Paris specific but also European general shopping tips below. Chic.

Le Parisian “Look” – Le Obvi

from Stockholm Street Style
from Stockholm Street Style

Simple, classic, pieces that can be worn time & time again.  2-3 pairs of pants (black fitted minnie/jean/leather pants, dark denim, even high-waisted)

Layers, layers, layers. As always with travel – simple tees & tanks in black, white, grey, navy & beige/tan will always be a great baseline. They can go underneath a sweater, cardigan, blazer, or worn alone with a scarf and will always understatedly complement whatever else you’re wearing. Oversize sweaters – spring can still be cool in Paris, although whether has been exceptional lately. Quilted Burberry jacket also perfect.

Image from Harper's Bazaar
Image from Harper’s Bazaar

Think unisex. Menswear, loafers, oxfords, blazers, & crisp blouses.

Simple, monochrome dresses.

from Stockholm Street Style
from Stockholm Street Style

Shoe staples: ballerina flats, ankle booties, cute sneakers like Supergas (not trainers), although I may bring mine with all of the fun activities we have planned AHHH! Heels but maybe not stilettos (cobblestones, duh).

Shoulder bag or messenger bag. Maybe my neon yellow Cambridge Satchel Co? Maybe a chic white backpack? Nothing too flashy and definitely logo-free! The obvious Louis Vuitton, Chanel 2.55 & Hermes Kelly are quite common & more than OK in any city you ever travel to. C’mon nowwwww!  If only I had an Hermes Kelly… tear face. 

Definitely understate your clothing and go a little cray cray with your accessories. Why not? It’s fun! Wear a bold, thick chunky necklace with a dramatic side part in your all black outfit with a pop of white. Wear a knee-length midi-dress with a gorgeous pair of drop earrings and 2 or 5 thick bangles on each wrist. I’m a huge fan of mixed media within jewelry. Meaning, mix your delicate, luxe pieces with costume jewelry whenever possible. Wear your watch. Wear a scarf.

Seriously looking forward to hitting some Parisian consignment shops. MAJORRRRRR yes! Save some $ on designer items while having amazing new options in my closet. Win/win. Here are some shops I’m looking forward to perusing for a 2nd hand and much less expensive look.

  • Violette et Leonie (114, rue de Turenne, 75003)
  • Les Ginettes (4, rue Sabot, 75006)
  • Le Vestiere de Yasmine at 7, rue Trousseau, 75011

Stock shops (basically glorified outlet stores) are also a great way to shop while on a budget (clearly what I SHOULD BE ON) – will definitely be hitting up the following…Maje Stock, (6, rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006).  Sandro Stock (24, rue de Sevigne, 75004) & Zadig & Voltaire Stock (22, rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 75004). Look like a Parisian within moments & at much more affordable prices than the boutiques. 

ALSO CANNOT WAIT FOR: French Drugstores! Beauty post will absolutely follow this trip with all of my amazing French beauty finds!

Can’t wait to speak French. Wish us luck in the City of LOVE…(ing) ourselves. Not sorry. Take care, betches.


Images via: Stockholm Street Style