An Evening at Merriweather

Photo by Alexandria Schnepf
On the rather dreary spring evening of May 7, 2016 guests gathered under a 30,000 square foot tent on the picturesque landmark estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post and E.F. Hutton. The campus at Long Island University brings you back to the scene of the 1920’s and straight into the glamorous party scene of The Great Gatsby.


The event was presented by Long Island University, Americana Manhasset and Poll Restaurants where the tapas style food was exquisitely delicious; cocktails from Stoli and brews from Oyster Bay Brewery were perfect. Entertainment was 1920s to the extreme – magicians, gaming tables, silent movies set up in what felt like a real-life movie theater, and a woman in a tub with champagne… (my favorite part).  We celebrated food, music, film, art and fashion.

Photo courtesy of Long Island Pulse Magazine & Mashbooths
This was the first event of its kind with hopes to continue it on as an annual tradition to benefit local art and cultural exhibits and organizations for years to come.

Photo by Alexandria Schnepf
The evening supports local community partners: Gold Coast International Film Festival, Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, Nassau County Museum of Art, Old Westbury Gardens, and Sands Point Preserve Conservancy.

3 from merriweather
Aston Martin courtesy of Long Island Sports Cars
Enjoy the eye candy that is Chris Norton NYC Band. They totally killed it and were probably one of the most fun live bands I’ve seen in quite some time. Check out their website in the link they have a bunch of greatness on SoundCloud.





Funny photo of me being #GreatGatsby asF.

Photo by Alexandria Schnepf
Gotta love a great Snapchat selfie to end the evening.

Selfie by Alexandria Schnepf 
Fabulous evening with fabulous people. <3

New Year, New Diet

January is for diets. Unless you’re me and January is for trying as many new restaurants as possible in the first 2 weeks of the year.

Two Hands164 Mott Street, New York, NY 10013


IMG_4106Delicious cappuccinos, and avocado toast. <3 with an egg. EGG LOVER! and look at those two little hands, precious.

Sant Ambroeus, 265 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012


IMG_4898Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto with Basal. On point. Great appetizer or pseudo dinner for one. And wine, obviously.

The Grey Dog, 244 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012



IMG_4939Amazing for lunch. Something about Michigan… who knows, but GREAT freakin’ sandwiches. Beers. Cool decor. Roasted Turkey & Brie with Plum Tomato & Raspberry Mustard. Yes, raspberry mustard rocks.

That Meetball Place, 54 West Main Street, Patchogue, NY 11772

IMG_4343Because who doesn’t love a JUMBO pretzel with a Stella on the side?!

Max’s on Main, 246 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508

IMG_4956Homemade pierogies, FTW.

Sage General Store, 24-20 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101

IMG_4975Cute little brunch spot. Chilaquiles with Organic Chicken – corn tortillas, tomatillo sauce, queso blanco, fried egg. DONE & DONE. They also serve a sandwich called a “Big Mess” and have been featured on Diners, Drive-In’s & Dives. I mean… go there.

So yeah, about that new year, new me… ? Nah — new year, same old me. Eating for the Insta… diet starts next week. I’ll be the one joining the gym in February when all of the January people stop going… right…….

Today’s Trendy Shit: Raw Organic Almond Butter DIY

I <3 food and I love challenging myself to eat healthy on a daily basis. It’s a fun challenge because I’m constantly in the struggle/battle between eating pizza & chicken fingers while drinking wine VERSUS eating raw, organic salads with free-range chicken while drinking alkaline water, green tea with lemons and gluten free everything.

It’s an ULTIMATE STRUGGLE. I have a fat little adolescent boy’s appetite with a Type 1 Diabetic endocrine system and a mindset of a conscious, health-friendly 20-something who has no trouble indulging every now and again (everyday!). AHHHH.

So my dietician/nutritionist told me that every single time I consider putting a carb in my mouth, I must have a protein to complement it. Almonds have protein…OK! To satisfy my sweet tooth, I’ve become a major fan of McIntosh apples with Raw Organic Almond Butter. At over $20.00 per jar, this almond butter apple becomes a quite expensive “snack.” I know they make cheaper kinds, but this is the type that I like – if I’m going to do something, I do it full-bodied and hard-bodied. I don’t half-ass anything. Especially eating.

So I’ve found a way to make my own almond butter without spending a wad of money every other week.

Step 1: Buy Raw Organic Almonds from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. $4.99


Step 2: Pour almonds into food processor.


Step 3: Press button.

Press HIGH!

Step 4: Wait about 10-15 minutes (sometimes you have to scrape the sides of the food processor). See the process below…

Almond Meal ?
Getting Pasty…
Starting to Form
Buttery Goodness
Now it’s Smooth Almond Butter!

Step 5: Remove your almonds (which have turned to butter with no added ingredients!) and place into glass jar.

Remove almond butter with a spatula
Glass bowls or Mason Jars are the best for storage!
Put me in the fridge!

Step 6: Store in refrigerator and enjoy all week!

McIntosh Apple, my favorite <3
McIntosh Apple, my favorite <3


Peeps! are in a way the best and in another way the grossest Easter candy out. Which is why I love them! Any of my close friends know how much of a weird obsession I have with everything – so they’d absolutely GET why I’d be obsessed with Peeps, among all other weird and random things I like.

I love them because I love marshmallows. Also they’re a quick pick-me-up if I have low blood sugar, duh. I’m pretttttttttty weird, if you’re just figuring that out – sorry.

In light of Easter on Sunday, I hope you enjoy my demo below…BAHAHA


I mean – yeah, you could totally make S’more’s out of Peeps! by putting it in the microwave with a bar of chocolate & 2 graham crackers. WHICH LET ME TELL YOU – IS GREAT!!!!! Campfire in your own kitchen! But that’s not fun – so I figured it would be a great idea to light my Peeps! on fire. Innovative, Ash!

View: Exhibits A, B, C, D, below. I’m a psycho. They were good – but stick to the microwave…


Enough of that – have a Happy Easter!

Avocado Toast at Cafe Gitane

Avocado Toast at Cafe Gitane

My love for anything avocado has deepened after dining at Café Gitane on Mott Street. Shopping in Soho gets tiring and this girl gets hungry quite easily. Also, low blood sugar. A friend of a friend recommended that I “must go to Cafe Gitane to try their avocado toast, get a coffee and relax in the middle of the afternoon. It’s an easy place to sit back and people watch. It’s. So. YUM.” My eyes perked right up and headed there immediately. Avocado Toast?! What is this?!?!!!?!?! MUST TRY ASAP. This is the only place to get the absolute best avocado on toast. This version comes on thick, hearty multi-grain toast, with lemon juice, olive oil and red pepper flakes. Literally, nothing beats Café Gitane’s version — a little salt and heat mixed with the creaminess of the avocado makes it extremely satisfying. AND SO YUM! Highly recommend. The really sweet waitress even charged my iPhone while I was seated at the bar. Cappuccino was delish as well. Highly recommend, especially to avocado lovers and foodies all around.