Glossier You Review

A fragrance. That is easily you. It’s everybody & anybody.

Glossier outlines the notes in this fragrance below – ambrox, ambrette, iris, musk. It feels like so much more than a fragrance, it’s a feeling. That reminiscent feeling when a scent brings you back to a moment in time. The best time. Let’s go there real quick, ok?

It. Will. Grow. On. You. It will also melt. into. your. skin.

At my first deep inhalation, I was shocked. Wowed. Not sure if I loved this. Gave it a minute and inhaled deeply by my wrist for the 2nd, 3rd time… I’m liking this more than I originally thought. It’s kinda sexy, in a non-sexy way.

Hard to describe, but easily appreciated.

The best part about this fragrance, which is very hard to describe is that it smells differently on each and every person that I’ve been around who has worn it. It adaptive and will change with you as you change, throughout the day. I’m for sure liking this scent on myself as the day goes on. You will not be disappointed!!

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Glossier Phase 2

By now you’ve probably noticed my obsession with all things Glossier. And if you haven’t, I will continue to tell you how rad they are! ❤


With much fanfare and hype on social media, Glossier launched Phase 2 of their product base on Monday, March 14th. Their motto is “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.” The Phase 1 set was completely all about skincare – so following suit, the Phase 2 set is all about makeup!

the floral arrangements at the launch were gorgeous!
The Phase 2 set comes complete with a BoyBrow eyebrow pomade (which had a soft launch last fall) – I’m already overly obsessed with this. It also comes with their “Stretch Concealer” (available in 5 shades to match your skin tone) and “Generation G” lipstick (available in 4 shades). You customize your package and select your brow color, concealer color and lip color – how beautiful is that? Every time you order you can mix up what you want/need – although likely your concealer and brow shade will stay the same.


The Glossier Launch Party was last night at the Penthouse of the Glossier building on Lafayette Street in Soho. All Glossier products were available to touch and try and feel. Every industry gal was exuberant and ready to mingle amongst the makeup with rosé champagne and goodies from Dimes.

The full arsenal of Glossier products ❤ 
My first Phase 2 order will consist of Boy Brow in Brown / Stretch Concealer in Medium / Generation G in Like. But I also ordered Generation G in Cake. And will also be ordering it in Crush and Jam this week. JK – already ordered everything. Glossier does a great job of showing how their products look on various skin tones – such great information available to shoppers. The lip colors go on like lip balms and they’re sheer and also sort of matte – they dry nicely and it feels like nothing is actually on your lips.

Swatches from
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Starting March 19th, 2016 the showroom opens for the next 3 weekends in lower Manhattan. Address: 123 Lafayette Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10013. Go, quick, run.


So obsessed with the Glossier mood board that I’m posting two pictures of it. You’re welcome. Shop Glossier here.