Things I’m Into: Feel-Good Edition

Think about things that make you smile today.

This light / neon / crystal image is my new iPhone lock screen background because I really enjoy looking at it. Colors are dope.

Image from Pinterest ❤

Next up is a ridiculous Snapchat. Doing things that make you feel pretty. Feel-good things are not always the same as wellness things, but whatever. I got my hair colored yesterday…(great color = really good vibes) however (toxins from hair coloring = bad vibes) but I mean… I haven’t done it in about 1 year and I needed it and I’m making up excuses for myself BUT I just wanted it. And it makes me feel good. And this puppy filter on Snapchat is putting me over the edge– how cute is everyone as a dog? OMG. Plus follow me on Snap if you want a peek of all the weird shit I do on the daily. @ashleybyrdy, hi!


Next up: Thank you. Stop saying sorry if you want to say thank you. I saw this image below on a blog post here and totally had to share it with you guys. Putting good vibes out into the universe with a  positive message instead of a negative one. I’m about this.


Bathing suit season is approaching and I for one am super excited and looking forward to being in a bathing suit and on the beach all summer long. I came across this pretty rad swimsuit website, Cocodune – that allows you to order suits at no charge, have them shipped to your house to try-on and then ship back whatever you don’t want. At no fee. Unless you keep something, then your credit card gets charged. It’s genius, especially if you have no time to swimsuit shop or you’re self conscious about it. Whatever the case may be, I’m trying it out this week so I’ll let you guys know what I think in a later post.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.04.49 PM

Keep it feel-good, guys…keep it feeling really good!

Au Naturel

All natural. Hashtag no filter. Hashtag no makeup. Hashtag natural beauty. Makeup free Monday. Beauty from within. Fucking liars. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that nothing in a daily beauty look is really natural. All natural is the result of serious practice. Hard labor.

It takes one to know one. It takes work. If you’re not working now, I will LOVE to laugh at your gross lines and wrinkles 20 4 years from now. The best care is preventative care. Not reactive care.

Don’t wear too much makeup or try too hard. Wear makeup that makes it look like you’re not wearing makeup. Try to avoid the intense foundation, especially if you can see it. Use something so sheer or lighten it up by mixing with a moisturizer to make your own Bb cream. Avoid too many colors and avoid too major of bronzer. Mascara works wonders (Chanel Le Volume, trust).

Don’t blow dry your hair everyday and don’t color it so often. I’ve been victim to both of those things with overly drying results. Change takes time but you can change your hair [look and feeling] with a few simple regimen changes (like a hair mask).

Keep nails short and well manicured. This does not necessarily mean having polish on your manicured nails. I try to stick to nude tones, red tones or black tones – but in reality, my polish color choices have evolved over time and I still pick a bright crazy color on occasion. When you do have polish, keep it clean. I would rather see unpolished nails than ratchet half-polished or a 3 week old mani. Keep them clean as well, dirty nails are for 5 year old boys.

Take care of your hands, lotion up! And when you’re moisturizing your face, start from the bottom up! Moisturize the skin on your chest (décolletage) and neck. Move from the center of your face outward, in upward sweeping motions. Pull the skin upward, gravity pulls it down all day. Try to reverse effects of aging this way. Who knows if it actually works but — better than downward motion! AmIrite?

Under eye cream is a MUST. Start this now. Before you need it. So that when you really need it, you won’t really need it that bad.

The au natural look will get more and more chic with age. And it gets more and more easy with regard to time and confidence. You’ll feel more confident in your skin and going natural when you wear less makeup to begin with. Work hard.

Flat Hair NO MORE!

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is the bomb dot com for all textures of hair, and it’s AMAZING on fine, thin hair types like mine!

Oribe Dry Texturizing is a genius invisible dry spray that instantly fluffs hair for max volume. Big, voluminous hair, betches!!!! The miracle worker spray also absorbs oil at the roots and last for hours on end. I’ve tried it in my insanely thin/fine hair and it gives it “body” as if I have rich, luxurious locks. I mean —— not really, but it’s a great “fake it til ya make it!”


Step 1: Blow Dry or Naturally “Air Dry” Hair

Woof, boring & dull hair washed last night.

Don’t straighten it to begin with, or the curls will be more difficult to hold. I air dried mine, because it has slight natural curl. You honestly don’t even need to curl your hair – if you just want it “BIG,” you can spray upward and tease your roots. (Especially if you’re blessed with thick gorgeous hair). Voila! Even Bigger Hair!

Step 2: Section Off Pieces of Hair & Curl Using a Wand


I use a Enzo Milano Clipless Curling Iron 1″ . This wand is the best quality wand I’ve ever used and the 1″ is perfect size for the curls that you want.


First off, I’d like to commend my selfie ability here…wanding your hair takes 2 hands – I’m selfie-ing while doing this. LOSER, sorry. I section off pieces of hair on my head, start with the bottom layer, then middle layer,  sides & top. The curls hold not too tight, not too loose. They’ll fall naturally to perfection.


Step 3: After All Hair is Curled, Flip Head Upside Down – LOL


Step 4: Spray Away with your Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Spray upward to create the body that you want – it will literally stay that way. Play with it because it also does not make your hair hard like traditional hairspray does.


Step 5: Enjoy the entire day or night worry free with bigger hair that stays! 



I use this look a lot because it’s great for “dirty hair” or 2nd day hair & it is quick & easy!




@#$%&* – Woke Up Late! 10 Second Hair Style

You know those fabulous mornings when you wake up extra early and get morning run in? You take a long, glorious shower, get your makeup done so you look like a beauty queen, you blow out your hair and even have time to stop at Starbucks for your venti iced unsweetened green tea no water?! Yeah… neither do I.

After my 4th round of pressing “Snooze,” I usually pull my ass out of bed, hair looking like I’ve been sleeping in a bear’s cave for the past 3 weeks. Often times black makeup has created the “raccoon eye” look for me because I forgot to wash it off last night. I should really upload a #selfie of that because it’s the funniest & most real version of me.

I ALWAYS contemplate taking a shower – because if I take one – my hair is going to be wet & I won’t have time to blow it dry. And when my hair is wet, it just looks ratchet and dirty for the rest of the day although it is, in fact clean. OR – do I brush through my tangled tresses and pin it back into a sleek “2nd day hairstyle” (sock bun, low pony tail, double twists, French twist). Either way I’m not happy with myself because I’m late and rushing…

Showering has become a MUST for me – I need it to feel good for the day. So – wet hair it is!!

I’ve come up with a drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle that will make you look super glam in under 10 seconds. That’s right. Under 10 seconds – it’s so simple & easy.

1. Shower! Make it speedy you’re so late! In & out in under 5 minutes? You can do it girl!

2. Brush through hair and part it down your natural part. Mine is a side part but more like just a little off center. Run your fingers through so that the ends are tousled and you get a little texture.

photo 2 (1)3. Add a little product – a favorite of mine is from drybar: Cream Soda.

photo 34. Place a round bohemian style headband over your head like it were a hat. Tuck the ends of your hair into the headband. Then continue working the band – tuck it evenly from side to side to create as big or small of a tuck as you desire. The messier the better! You can pin any loose ends if necessary.

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

photo 3 (1)5. Channel your inner Martha Washington!

photo 1

photo 5Voila! Ten Second Tom hairstyle for the girl that’s constantly rushing! Since wet, boring hair just isn’t your thing – hope this helps! This hair style is so quick that even though I was running late for work this morning, I still had time to take photos of my hair to make this. And was only 5 minutes late. 😉