Recently tried out this new-ish app (available in the App store) for women’s health – it’s called Maven. It’s legit very easy to use, basically immediate and super efficient! (things I LOVE – duh). The concept is like going to a urgent care health clinic, except it’s in an app…


I spoke to a nurse practitioner and asked a nutrition question I had about sugar in alcohol – but you can ask them anything at all. Like weird things you don’t want to make a doctor’s appointment for (I took 4x the recommended dose of Vitamin C and can’t stop going to the bathroom)… normal, easy things like (my medication is causing weight gain and I’m concerned). Maven practitioners can prescribe you medicine – like birth control, or if you have a UTI, cold/cough, all the basics of what you’d want and need.

Maven is exactly like going to an “urgent care center” on a Sunday when your doctor’s office isn’t open…except you don’t even have to physically GO! It’s basically FaceTime with a doctor. on YOUR schedule. Your appointment can be over in less than 10 minutes. And there’s no waiting in the waiting room forever. AKA this is awesome! I’m obsessed.

You can get your first appointment for FREE if you use my code: ASHLEYBVIP on the home screen of the Maven app.

So literally Maven does not cost you a thing – they ask you to enter credit card info so if you do like it and continue to book appointments they have a place to bill. If you want to use the service again or continually, the prices are fair and reflective of typical urgent care centers. Takes ultimately no time to book your free appointment using my code – do this while you’re sitting on the couch between commercials, lol.

• Download the Maven app on your iOS device by searching “Maven Clinic” in the app store, or visiting this link.

• Enter code ASHLEYBVIP on the home screen. (This makes your appointment FREE!)

• Book an appointment with one of the practitioners. Ask them any health question you want – it doesn’t have to be complex. Something like: Is my breakfast healthy enough? Should I be taking medication for that? Basically all of the health questions you’ve been asking Google, you can ask an NP or doctor. You can book with any of the NP’s and the appointments last 10 minutes – SUPER EASY. You get one free session with my code!

The lady I met/FaceTime’d with was super nice – her name is Maya Freidman and she was under the “Nutrition & Physiotherapy” area of the app. There are lots of practitioners and they all have their credentials listed on the app, obv. The next appointment I’m planning on setting up is within the Mental Health section with a therapist because I mean#problems. 😉

If you have further questions, definitely direct message me, comment or e-mail. Make sure to use my code for your free first appointment on Maven.

Don’t Ask Me That…

People ask me the most ridiculous questions about my disease…

“I heard cinnamon cures diabetes…”
“Doesn’t cranberry cure it? Or it helps, right?”
“You can’t eat this right?” (points to cupcake they’re about to shove in their mouth)
“Wow. You give YOURSELF shots?” (As if I have somebody else to do this…)
“Does it hurt?” (Yes, asshole. I mean only sometimes).
“Did you get it from eating a lot of candy?”  Nope, but LOVE candy.
“What happens when you drink?” (I get drunk). “You can’t really do anything, right?” (Ummm, we clearly aren’t friends…)
NO GUYS – in fact, I am not a typical basic betch. I’m sort of just a normal ish (psycho) girl over here dealing with/coping with/owning the SHIT out of Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve been blessed screwed with this awful disease since I was 14 and I wish every single day that I was a basic betch. That is the biggest fucking lie of my entire career as a human being. But I do REALLY get annoyed with not being able to starve myself OR better, eat ice cream without feeling the guilt that normal people have to feel from it PLUS the fact that my blood sugar is going to be high for like 2 hours following and I’m going to feel like shit. And it’s much worse than feeling like shit for you lactose intolerant people – so I do not feel bad for you.
Or maybe I’ll feel totally fine… up to YOU, universe. LIVE ON. Go ahead, ask me a question… (keep apple juice on standby though).

Today’s Trendy Shit: Raw Organic Almond Butter DIY

I ❤ food and I love challenging myself to eat healthy on a daily basis. It’s a fun challenge because I’m constantly in the struggle/battle between eating pizza & chicken fingers while drinking wine VERSUS eating raw, organic salads with free-range chicken while drinking alkaline water, green tea with lemons and gluten free everything.

It’s an ULTIMATE STRUGGLE. I have a fat little adolescent boy’s appetite with a Type 1 Diabetic endocrine system and a mindset of a conscious, health-friendly 20-something who has no trouble indulging every now and again (everyday!). AHHHH.

So my dietician/nutritionist told me that every single time I consider putting a carb in my mouth, I must have a protein to complement it. Almonds have protein…OK! To satisfy my sweet tooth, I’ve become a major fan of McIntosh apples with Raw Organic Almond Butter. At over $20.00 per jar, this almond butter apple becomes a quite expensive “snack.” I know they make cheaper kinds, but this is the type that I like – if I’m going to do something, I do it full-bodied and hard-bodied. I don’t half-ass anything. Especially eating.

So I’ve found a way to make my own almond butter without spending a wad of money every other week.

Step 1: Buy Raw Organic Almonds from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. $4.99


Step 2: Pour almonds into food processor.


Step 3: Press button.

Press HIGH!

Step 4: Wait about 10-15 minutes (sometimes you have to scrape the sides of the food processor). See the process below…

Almond Meal ?
Getting Pasty…
Starting to Form
Buttery Goodness
Now it’s Smooth Almond Butter!

Step 5: Remove your almonds (which have turned to butter with no added ingredients!) and place into glass jar.

Remove almond butter with a spatula
Glass bowls or Mason Jars are the best for storage!
Put me in the fridge!

Step 6: Store in refrigerator and enjoy all week!

McIntosh Apple, my favorite <3
McIntosh Apple, my favorite ❤

Flawed Individual

I’m aware of my flaws. I work on what I want to and especially what I do not want to.


“It will take time, Ashley,” that’s what everyone always tells me. Thanks, people. Thanks. I want to feel better right now though. Instant gratification is where we are at this point. In the world. In our lives – it’s where I am, anyway. The old saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” is an OLD saying for a fucking reason. It’s old. That’s a shitty concept and an even shittier way to look at life. I can guarantee that you do not know anybody who sits around doing nothing and who is getting fucking rewarded for it. Don’t even tell me Kim Kardashian as a response because you don’t fucking know her. And she’s doing it way better than you are. Don’t be mad because you’re jealous either. If you’re jealous, do something. Make yourself known – do something crazy.


Do something crazy.

Or real. By crazy, I mean monumental – I hope it’s a positive crazy. Change your life and don’t slack off while doing so because that’s just atrocious and poor planning. If you fail, which you’re going to – get up betch! Cry a little if you need to. Show up again. Show up after a spa day looking refreshed and do it better. Remember that nobody is waiting for YOU. You are waiting for them to accept you. So go with it and let yourself be accepted however they’re willing to accept you. Judgement is real and there is no escaping it. Let them have you. Exactly how you are. And grow. And they’ll accept you again, for exactly who you become.


At the least – I’m talking ultimate minimum, they’re going to talk shit about you. This is real talk. I can only imagine the extent to which I’m spoken about. LMAO. Because I think of the way I speak of others or how I think of basic’s and OUCH. I also push boundaries often because I do not care. And I get my own pleasure out of thinking it’s funny. Laugh about it why don’t ya? Laughing is good for the soul. Stay cheerful. Hold on to all things positive. Release all things negative.

Timing is not always on your side. Maintaining my health and having everything in check is a main priority of mine at the moment and for always. Also a major struggle. It’s getting better every day, better than I was yesterday. And tomorrow will be even better than today. This is one way that I’m learning to cope with time. Time can heal all. And protein can heal all blood sugar spikes… yeah, I’m working’ on it. Apparently, it all takes time…