Friday Feels

Relating to each of the text images below — in a way that you’d probably least expect. Last one is my favorite. Live on friends, be well, stay happy, remain true to yourself. ❤


Be aware of your surroundings.
Reach out to a far tie this weekend (as opposed to a close tie) in your social circle.


Move forward. It’s so much more fun.


LOL, rust.


Bright side.


Hi _______________, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

All images from crimebydesign Instagram.


Those awkward times when you’re feeling extremely uncomfortable in a given situation…..nobody else knows.

Unless you actively show it. So fake it. That doesn’t mean try so hard to fake it, because that becomes noticeable, ya know?  But basically…. nobody else even knows at all because they’re so worried about themselves.

I saw an Instagram post earlier this month from @theskimm that was a perfect example of this and it’s stuck with me for the past few weeks.


Nobody cares if you’re dancing your heart out. If you’re unsure of yourself. Or if you’re so confused in a particular moment. In a sense, in social settings people are less observant now than they ever have been.

Nobody knows you’re uncomfortable but YOU. So just look that uncomfortable feeling in the eye and own it for yourself. You’ll be fine. Uncomfortable is a state of mind and it’s only temporary.

Do you have anything going on in your current life right now that you aren’t loving? It’s only temporary. The things you love, you work hard to keep. The things you don’t approve of, you easily let go of. That being said…temporary feelings, see ya!!

Things I’m Into

Recycling Clothing has been something I’m very interested in lately. I wrote last week or two weeks ago about Poshmark, an app to buy & sell clothing & accessories. Another way to do so is through the recycling program that eco-friendly, yet chic clothing brand, Reformation has launched.

Scented Candles: LAB: Yuzu Ginger. Found on a counter at a friend’s house and it’s delightful.


Folk Rebellion – a super-cool brand encouraging people to unplug and live a device-free life. Portions of their proceeds are donated to the Children & Nature Network. Included in with the awesome tank I purchased, quoting, “Let’s Wander Where the Wifi is Weak” was a small green strawberry box, which later became the BEST part of my purchase. Included with the box were instructions to use…

Up-cycle the box to hold your devices and the devices of your friends and family. The idea is to put your devices into the box so you aren’t so wrapped up in them during dinner, or a movie/tv, or while just hanging out together. Enjoy the time being together instead of being glued to your phone and other devices.


Put a masque on my hair last night before going to bed – it’s basically a thick conditioner and I didn’t wash it out – so yes it gives a little bit of a greasy feeling before bed – but WHATEVER. Caked it on there – slept – woke up in the morning & did not shower until this evening. Hair feels phenomenal. Try it – highly recommend this type because I LOVE the way Oribe smells.


Lastly, a little bit of #INSPO to help get you through whatever it may be that you’re going through.


My Fabulous Life Living with “the D”

Some of you may know and many of you may not know that I’m a Type 1 Diabetic.


I was diagnosed at 14 years old.  For 10+ years, I’ve been dealing with #diabeticprobs. Since the day I was diagnosed, I promised myself that I would not let Type 1 Diabetes run my life and that I would own it and run it and do what I wanted. Ups & downs, high’s & low’s, crazy betch behavior followed by wild exhaustion. I blame it all on the big fat D.

Many people would actually never guess that I have a serious disease, because of my ability to act so “normal” LMAO and conceal my robo-girl lifestyle. I wear an Omnipod insulin pump and a pink, obv Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor. So at any given time, expect to find me with 1-2 small white devices underneath my shirt on my stomach or on the small of my back.

I’m not saying the way I live is right, but it’s what I do and who I am. I’m not a perfect diabetic but I’m basically a perfect human so — let me live. Maybe I drink too much. Maybe I eat too much/improperly sometimes. I’m a work in progress – along with this progress comes many, very insane stories. Every once in awhile I’m going to feature some of my awkward & hysterical, yet serious life stories about my life with diabetes.