Things I’m Into

Summer 2017 has kept me on the move. The usual summer sunsets I’m watching, places I like to eat food and drink beverages, and things I’m purchasing because I’m a CONSUMER of all things. Below I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve been into lately.

Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company – Patchogue, NY – Great spot on Main Street to stop when you have a little time to kill. Or time to enjoy.

Sagtown Coffee & other locations – Sag Harbor, NY 

Tuna Tartare from Lulu’s Kitchen & Bar – Sag Harbor, NY

Glossier Wowder – Using it everyday since I received. I’m a Glossier rep, so YOU receive 10% off when you shop using my link!

Sunsets, “somewhere in Montauk, NY” – enjoy the view!

Bandier Pop-Up at Blue Stone Lane, Montauk, NY – Plenty of gorgeous workout clothes, accessories, Tkees flip flops, SuperGoop skincare. Good vibes and really delicious Avo Toast.

Adam Mar, Shop in Montauk, NY – Obsessed with this little shop – beautiful aesthetic, great original clothing, mens & women’s – they even sell plants! It’s right around the corner from Montauk Brewing Co, so naturally I’ve stopped in more than once. Love that chair swing. And bought an awesome bamboo bag there that I’m obsessed with (pictured below).

Everybody Likes a Food Reco…

Since I’ve moved to Montauk, one of my first and foremost (also fattest) goals has been to eat at every single restaurant and drink at every single bar in Montauk. Can’t help it. When I set my mind to something, I must complete it (or at the minimum give it a good old-fashioned TRY!).

Some places I’ve hit up so far are below. And if I didn’t photograph at least one thing there, it didn’t happen. Promise.

Breaking the aforementioned rules already, because the first photo is of a restaurant that isn’t even in Montauk…whatever. Dopo La Spiaggia is located in Sag Harbor. It’s high quality Italian food – it’s amazingly delicious – hand prepared pastas and delicious, fresh seafood. Drinks are delicious as well. Great outdoor scene-y patio seating and string-light ambiance. Great for date night, but be prepared to pay for whatever you’re ordering. Highly recommend.


6 Bay Street, Sag Harbor, NY

Montauk Farmer’s Market is on Thursday’s from 9:00AM – 2:00PM and located On The Green in the heart of Montauk. Lots of vendors display fresh produce, freshly prepared foods and samplings of whatever it is they’re selling. The fruit and veggies from Bhumi Farms, Balsam Farms and Amber Waves Farm are amazing. Great place to stop. Be sure to check out “The Glowing Tent” for Monbrewcha Kombucha and bliss balls (also available in other spots around town).



On The Green, Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY

Next up is Lunch / Lobster Roll Restaurant. It’s a Montauk classic (even though it’s technically in Amagansett / Napeague on the stretch) but it’s like something you need to eat when you come out this way. And take a picture in front of their LUNCH sign because “being basic” is what we all like to do nowadays. They were out of their Hot Lobster Roll (made with butter not mayo) when I went. Very sad, but it’s the only reason why I got the Maine lobster roll (cold salad with mayo). Still very good, not the same… I did hear that the hot lobster was back though so maybe give it a whirl.



1980 Montauk Hwy, Amagansett, NY 11930

668 The Gig Shack is a favorite spot for both food and drinks. Extremely chill vibes, frequent live music, it’s right in the heart of the town on Montauk HWY and it’s the type of spot where you always run into someone you know (but in a good way…)! This is a picture of their empanadas, which actually wouldn’t be my #1 reco. The inside was a little dry – def needed the chipotle aioli on each bite, but the slaw was delicious. I do highly recommend the sea scallops, fish tacos, and burger! (Obviously come here too often).


782 Main St, Montauk, NY 11954

The Hideaway is bae. Literally it’s a hideaway and I’m obsessed with coming here for really great Mexican / BBQ / Seafood in Montauk. It’s located in Diamond Cove Marina on the north side of town and you wouldn’t recognize it right off the street (I would try to give you directions, but I suck at that and I’m always lost so… sorry). The Mexican corn at Hideaway is AMAZING. The nachos are tremendous – heaping with all of the toppings (share with 4 people and still have leftovers) style. Burritos are also great – I recommend the chicken but get the spicy chicken that I can’t remember the name of…(oops, again). If you order it as “spicy chicken,” they’ll catch your drift. LOLZ at my Spanglish on Snapchat below.


364 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954

Finally tried Inlet Seafood for the first time this weekend after multiple suggestions and recommendations. Pictured below is scallop sashimi, YUM. We ordered the Fluke Picatta and Pan Seared Sea Scallops – they come in large portions, everything was delicious, the server was amazing and knowledgable and I want to go back again soon. Also a great spot for watching a gorgeous sunset over the inlet. Also a great photo spot for candy clouds after the sunset for all the Instagram junkies.


541 E Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954

La Fondita is a delish little Mexican take-out place I recently tried. It’s “order at the window and find a table” style. They’ll call your number. Corn tortilla tacos are tiny but mighty and the camarones with avocado pictured below were pretty good. I’d get them again. The salsas were what made them really taste awesome – very fresh and several homemade varieties. Def a great place to stop in while you’re passing through town.


74 Montauk Hwy, Amagansett, NY 11930

Stay tuned for more tidbits of food info from the east end in coming weeks. <3


Everlane Slide Sandal

Really beautiful, luxury basics at really fair, affordable prices.

These super minimal, chic and simple slides from Everlane have become a staple in my wardrobe. An everyday sandal. Can literally be worn with anything and everything from sundresses to denim cutoffs. They’re made in Italy (luxe) and the price point is only $98.


The bright navy blue feels anything but basic… these blue sandals are not the ordinary/typical black or tan (which are both beautiful btw). I love that the navy can pair well with black and with virtually any outfit you can come up with. Plus they’re comfortable and the leather feels amazing.


Above images are from Everlane’s website because I really need a pedicure… and my feet do not belong on this blog currently. Photo below from a shoot on the beach this week. Love my Montauk Brewing Co. Summer Ale! 

If you’re interested in purchasing Everlane products, use my link!!


Weekend Vibes

Summertime is inevitably the busiest time of the year – chock full of beautiful, enjoyable events – bbq’s, weddings, picnics, festivals and beach days. The list goes on and on. This summer I’m maximizing my weekends by waking up early (trying to), staying up late (can’t help it), and enjoying every minute (that I can remember).


Things I’m Into

This segment consists of recent happenings and things I’m currently into with brief and/or lengthy descriptions depending on how I’m feeling. Enjoy!


Levain Bakery – NYC – opened for the summer season in Wainscott, NY. This Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie makes basically every single list of Top 10 cookies in the USA. Go try it, you won’t be sorry you did!


Hello, babies. Some sweet graffiti in the backyard of The Levee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Scenes from the window by the stairwell overlooking a backyard Cinco de Mayo themed birthday party! Love this aesthetic.


Calm before the storm in B&W.  Gurney’s – Montauk, NY. Get to the beach now, k bye!


Washington Square Park on a warm spring evening. Never gets old, ever.


Things I’m Into – This Week in NY Edition

Some rad things going on around you in upcoming weeks:

BayFest 2016Great South Bay Brewery, Bay Shore, NY – May 14th, 2016 – 12:45-5:30PM

Photo from GreatSouthBayBrewery

Make sure to check out Montauk Brewing Co. – We’ll be pouring beers alongside Long Island’s finest breweries with music, food, etc. Tickets available here.

Time Out and Hornblower: Summer Preview – Wednesday, May 11, 2016 – 6:30PM

3 Hour Party cruising around NYC’s harbor enjoying open bar, passed hors d’oeuvres, and four floors of DJs, entertainment, giveaways and other fun stuff. Tickets are available here. Literally just check their website, looks sick and I’m way excited.

Montauk Music Festival – Thursday, May 19th – Sunday, May 22nd, 2016


Basically Montauk Music Festival is a four-day musical celebration featuring talented up and coming independent artists…and it’s set up in the best place on earth, Montauk! Over 100 artists with a wide variety of musical styles will be performing for free in the spirit of sharing original music with audiences and fellow musicians. Rad time, it’s basically opening weekend for Montauk and the east end of Long Island – so obviously…go! Mostly all venues in MTK have bands playing at different times of the day all weekend.

Benibla Denim Hat


I’ve been pretty much obsessed with this hat since I’ve purchased it. It’s from a French brand, they seem pretty legit – kinda different vibe, but I’m okay with that. Like the style a lot – def into it. Love the light-wash stone denim.



Go To The Ocean

Go to the ocean. Often.


One of my best friends made a promise to herself in 2015 that she would go to the ocean once a month for every month of that year.

Even if it was cold, even if it was inconvenient and even if she had no time to do it – she went to the ocean. Being there in solitude or with a friend is really grounding – makes you think and allows you to reflect on what’s happened and look forward to what will happen.


This year I’m going to further this challenge with a vow to visit the ocean on a weekly basis or even more often, if possible. Starting a bit late into 2016, I was able to “make it” to the ocean once in January and once in February. Look for some photos and segments as 2016 goes on. #GoToTheOcean


I love this dirty sign. <3


All photos taken at different spots in Montauk, NY.

Poolside Collective

The summer has (sadly) come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Check out an exclusive interview with the creators of Poolside Collective, a move-able concept shop located at The Montauk Beach House all of summer 2015. One of my favorite spots in Montauk, it’s centrally located and tbh, the sickest concept shop in MTK. Been repping my Poolside shirt all summer! I caught up with Ashley Hults and Lee Ann Bulgin to learn a bit more about their shop and what’s in store for the future of Poolside Collective.


– What was your favorite day from the Summer 2015?

It’s so hard to pick just one – every day was different and fun in it’s own way. Something new was always going on Poolside and we met such great people who have become lasting friends.

– What do you ladies get in to in the off season? 

Poolside Collective is opening two stores this winter – one at Maderas Village in Nicaragua and one at the Mondrian in Miami!


– What are some of the most challenging aspects you’ve found while running a seasonally based brick & mortar / moving business?

There is a LOT to coordinate. We are definitely streamlining our processes going forward. While this was a challenge, it was also a big learning experience and is leading us towards increased efficiency, which is great!

– Social media is a strong driver of business, especially e-commerce. Your collection on IG is impressive – how do you curate your Instagram photos? For example, what style do you go for in the photos? What’s the thought process there? Do you have planned pictures?

Thank you!! We take a lot of pride in our IG! We made sales through social media and were connected with people from around the world. To answer your questions:

Curation is led by emotion and feel, but we like to mix up product photos with poolside scenery, very specific re-grams that align with our brand,  and select user generated content that we feel makes sense for us aesthetically. We also sometimes like to give people a view into who we are as the founders. 

We worked with a dear friend, @_samhillman to create a lot of amazing content this year. You will see her tagged in many of our images.

We generally use A6 on the app VSCO to filter, but we love bright images and anything with a great blue color. We increase brightness, contrast and sharpness but decrease temperature. Images that are overly yellow/orange/brown don’t really align with our Poolside vibe. 

You may see series before major initiatives. We have been thinking about gramming only red images in our exact pantone color after we close Montauk and before we open Nicaragua and Miami. 

We just started using shared photo streams to manage all of our inspiration, product selects and imagery and it’s a game changer!! We love it! 

– What are some of your personal favorite brands and do the products you feature at “Poolside Collective” reflect your personal style?

AshleighSome of my personal favorites include Zimmerman, ACNE, Frame Denim and Isabel Marant. I recently discovered Elder Statesman and it has become an obsession – especially this one tye die men’s cashmere sweater. I love Thaddeus O’Neil’s new women’s line and Calle Del Mar, which we sell in the shop – both are sick luxury apres surf gear or “playwear.” We sell Cotton Citizen Tee Shirts, which are the best for fit and comfort! My personal style is a mix of high end luxury with ripped up jeans and vintage or plain white tee shirts. My uniform is a pair of ripped vintage denim shorts from LF, a cropped white John Patrick Organic t shirt from Otte in NYC, white leather Chanel slides, a dark blue vintage mechanics jacket with a “Montauk” patch on it from Share With and a red bandana from a dear friend’s creative collectives called “BEST” which I wrap around my wrist as a bracelet. I always have on 6 dainty gold necklaces of varying lengths and meaning.

Lee Ann: I’m a fan of A.L.C., J brand, Stone Cold Fox and DVF.  I personally love classic styles in luxe fabrics and textures and mostly neutral colors, with the occasional pop and printed accessory. I’m most comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans or ripped denim shorts, the perfect fitting white tee, my new fav being Cotton Citizen from the shop and a worn in black leather jacket. We carry the best sunglasses so it’s always fun to complete a look with a great pair. My summer favorites were from Westaward Leaning and Le Paul Eyewear. Ashleigh and I have very different styles but appreciate the others’ so much that we often fall in love with pieces and brands we normally wouldn’t.  It’s amazing to have a partner that encourages discovery and evolving style, because that’s something that is always changing!


– Do you have plans for next summer and how do you see the business growing in years to come? 

We are so excited for next summer. This past year, we put the store together in 2 months. With a year to plan, the sky is the limit!!! We will definitely launch an online shop as well. Stay tuned 😉

– You’ve had many successful collaborations – what types of companies and businesses are you excited to collaborate with in the future? 

Our goal is to always offer people things they have never seen before and can’t find anywhere else. We want to continuously put the “poolside” lifestyle out there. We will be launching a selection of private label “poolside” gear and will collaborate on signature items that represent us. We love collaborating with creative talent; artists, writers, stylists, musicians, doers and thinkers. When great minds come together, amazing things are produced!  We’re open to all possibilites, but know that certain products make sense for certain locations. A collaborative art t-shirt could be great in Miami during Art Basel, but might not make as much sense for Nicaragua.

– The collection is beautifully curated with interesting pieces from local and worldwide vendors. Where do you draw inspiration while selecting pieces that you’ll show?

 We get this question a lot and we never know how to answer it. Finding cool brands that we love and want to tell people about is second nature to us. It is just who we are and so the store is basically our platform to bring our personal styles and passions to life!

poolside bike1

The back of my favorite shirt <3 and #poolside at a different location. Be sure to follow Poolside Collective on Instagram so you can become as obsessed with them as I am!

&bitches shirt