Happiness Today

If you expect other people to make you happy, you will always be disappointed.

You, alone, are responsible for your own happiness.

Grace Church, NYC

Food for thought. Now enjoy some snapshots of NYC taken over the past week in the frigid air but beautiful sun. 🙂


100% obsessed with NYC street art…


Hustle hard. Obviously, because goals.


Bullying is Real

I don’t really think about being bullied on a regular basis – or ever, really. Until recently, when I’ve literally been assaulted several times by several men on the subway or in other public places.

Before you start assuming anything insane, let it be known that I’m completely OK, I’m totally safe and I am not suffering any mental or emotional damage, aside from the regular. 😉

But really, I’ve been violated on the subway by ultimate creepers twice this month – both on the same action – weird butt grabbers. Let it also be known that I am NOT one of those happy-go-lucky subway riders… I don’t smile at people – not children, not grandparents, and especially not disgustingly gross men, OK? AKA, there’s no “flirting” coming from my end. Further, I am so not a fan of this type of harassment that I make it so absolutely known that the person is wrong and try to vocally shame them and make them look like pieces of shit in front of as many people as I possibly can. (Takes long, deep breath…) I feel as if it’s a duty of mine to shame people who deserve to be shamed. The following simple, yet loud statement will suffice: “Don’t you ever F*ing touch me again you dirty, disgusting PERVERT. I’ll cut your fingers right off your hand!” Maybe aggressive, but maybe necessary. Then he has to sit there while myself and others on the crowded subway give him dirty looks until he gets off the subway.

Two weeks ago I was assaulted (I think that is the proper word to use) by a complete stranger while I was walking through a rather empty Chipotle Mexican Restaurant. I was violently swung at and hit in the arm by a man that was much larger than me, for no apparent reason at all. He later screamed in my face, after I questioned this barbaric human that, “You was textin'” OH! ok, psycho. I forgot that texting warrants abuse to strangers. Understood. NOT. I maybe should have called the police, but like – what? To sit around and waste an hour of my life to report the crime after the guy had already ran away because he’s clearly a child, or deranged or something just so I can have a report written up? I mean, maybe. Maybe it would have stopped him from hitting another random humans due to his unhappiness or psychotic behavior. Who knows.

Point is that specifically women, but people in general are abused, assaulted, sexually or not in public places in NYC and all over, all the time. It’s one of those things where you may think, “Oh, that won’t happen to me…,” but it just may. It happened to me! Don’t stand for it. Speak up, tell somebody. I told a bunch of people and at the least, it strikes awareness. My awesome co-workers got me flowers, a teddy & chocolate to cheer me up after the Chipotle lunchtime incident. At the ultimate, very least a cheer-up is in order!


Even better, your boyfriend may buy you pepper spray as a Christmas gift to ensure protection while in sketchy situations. Obviously an ass grab on the subway is maybe not reason enough to engage in pepper spraying, but your chops are! AKA – cause a scene.

Update, 1/19/2016: FYI, after reading this article from Gothamist, I learned that NYPD SVU is now investigating all subway-related sexual abuse and you can file any complaints via this link! 

Nothing is Weird

Nothing is weird in NYC.

Everything that’s considered different or weird or against cultural or social norms elsewhere in the USA, is just straight up blasé in NYC.

The strong smell of coffee as you walk down the street. Or urine. Normal.

Is it because there is such diversity here and that everyone is a little bit “different,” that the totally completely weird shit just blends right in?

Don’t even talk to me about the basics. They blend so far in to the scenery that it’s as if they’re invisible.

But that crazy couple you see on the subway, you glance at for a quick sec but then immediately go back to doing whatever you were doing before because:
1. It’s rude to stare and they may actually DO something about it.
2. It’s not actually that out of the ordinary that there are people in NYC that are behaving as strangely as they are.

Leading to my conclusion that nobody here is weird. Everyone has their own style and their own way of life that it’s all “just the way it is.” This is definitely why NYC is so diverse.

I’m still blatantly confused on how and why racism still exists. Especially in New York City. Based on all of the recent riots, police activity, activists and protesters in this city; racism is obviously still evident and relevant. I am at a point why I don’t understand how or why. Like – everyone coexists here – let people with different or opposing beliefs than you have, be. Let them go. Let them be. You don’t have to associate with them if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of living in this beautiful city full of opportunities and growth and change. You can do you and they can do them.

So as I mildly observe that “strange” couple on the subway looking and almost begging for attention, I then immediately briefly glance at my phone and easily look away. Because I’m not phased by them and don’t care enough to make a face at them or really give any facial expression whatsoever. Maybe that’s the rude New Yorker in me. Maybe that’s what this city does to people. Who’s to say, really? Just the thoughts of one random girl taking whatever interesting experiences I can from this lively, diverse and exceptionally weird perfect city we all know and love, NYC.

My Everyday View
My Everyday View

Lolë White Tour

On Wednesday night, we headed to the #LolëWhiteTour, put on by Lolë Women. It was held on The Great Lawn of Central Park in Manhattan and it was a breathtaking, beautiful, inspiring and enlightening experience. Over 10,000 yogis participated and the message of peace was uplifting and so positive. Everyone dressed in white for the color of peace.

Lolë holds events all over the world and this year New York City was one of the chosen places. The white tour is a free event (ticketed lottery style) so really anybody can attend. Upon arrival, 10,000 yoga mats were perfectly lined up in rows surrounding a large stage with mini stages all around the sides. Musical performer Ingrid Michaelson was a special guest. <3

Check out some of my/my friends photos below!





A helicopter above captured some amazing shots of The Great Lawn with all of the yogis – looks awesome, see below.


Cannot wait to participate in upcoming Lolë events!

Things I’m Into

Stuff I’m Into Right Now…


The Brooklyn Museum just closed a particularly awesome exhibit on March 1st titled, “Killer Heels.” I viewed last week and had a great time wandering the museum by myself with my iPhone gawking over all of these beautiful versions of heels from past and present. Video describing the exhibit is below.


Analyze that.


Breakfasts recently. 1 egg yolk, 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup sparkling water, 1/2 cup oatmeal, cinnamon (LOTS!) cook on low heat in a small pan with cooking spray. Serve with sugar free maple syrup. Yum diet food <3


Views of New York on the drive from Long Island City / Brooklyn.


Love in the star signs. Great. <3

Life on my iPhone

“If we’re not grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we would be happy with more?” 

Inspiring quote about acceptance, being content with what we have and being in control of our wants and needs.

Le Bonne Marché x The Webster collab <3


Driving around Williamsburg on Sunday…

photo 5

Because who doesn’t like a good quote pic…

photo 1


photo 2

Black matte NARS makeup. 

photo 4

Vines on the back wall at Toro NYC.

photo 3