17 Green Things

Getting in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day & month, I’ve compiled a list of all green things that I’m currently obsessed with. Hope you enjoy and get a little green love spirit in your life during the month of March.

1. Mint Leaves in Water 


Adds a little bit of flavor to your typically boring water bottle & has great health benefits as well. Great for digestive tract and for IBS sufferers (me), great for skin, nausea, muscle pain and fresh breath!

2. Frozen Green Grapes


Sweet little snack that can help with diet cravings – pretend it’s like ice cream or something?!

3. Essie Nail Polish: Mojito Madness


Essie has a few really chic greens for the month of March. Mint Candy Apple is another fave!

4. Green Beans 


Easy & healthy dinner option.


5. Green Sandals


These are cute from Nine West would be cute with a white or ivory sun dress and a camel colored bag during the summer.

6. Green Eggs

eggs and avocado

Scrambled eggs & avocado – one of my favorite breakfasts! No carbs, protein and healthy fats. Add S&P, a little hot sauce or Sriracha and you’re golden.

7. iMessage Icon


Doesn’t this make you kind of happy?

8. Cucumber Eye Wraps


Help out those tired eyes – I’ve done these a few times and I don’t exactly see how it helps but it makes me feel pretty good while I’m doing so and gives a sense of relaxation. I’m about that life.

9. Green Sour Patch Kids


Green is overall a great flavored kid! I’m obsessed with SPK – it’s bad.

10. Green hair!! Kidding – but this Davines Shampoo & Conditioner combination is fantastic!


Infused with Spinach Extract and great for damaged hair! I use this and highly recommend. Smells fantastic too!

11. Eminence Stone Crop Gel Wash 


Another organic product I use daily – Eminence is amazing – great for sensitive skin and all natural. Leaves skin super smooth & soft.

12. Money 


Make that paperrrrr BETCH!

13. Green Beanie


Love this neon green beanie from Urban Outfitters.

14. Patron Silver – Need I say more? Tequila is delicious.


15. Green Dress 


Dress from Piperlime – Tinley Road.

16. Green Smoothie

green smoothie

Homemade green smoothies are gratifying and sometimes delicious, sometimes just ‘healthy.’ Robek’s in Plainview has great juices & smoothies!

17. Green Nike’s 

nike frees

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Month. Green it up! xo


Tiffany’s Blue Nike Free 5.0’s Decked in Swarovski Crystals

#DIY Alert!


Hopefully I can really WOW all of you as I pretend to be a DIY-er. I said pretend because, DIY is not my style. Typically I’m that girl who goes out/stays in to buy anything & everything that I want or see. I search the internet, blogs and websites high and low to find whatever it is that I may be looking for aka “the next big thing.” And then I order it from some specifically obscure website that nobody has ever heard of for an undisclosed amount of money #$. And then it arrives on my doorstep in 3-5 business days with no questions asked. I’m left with the most amazing item that everybody covets yet it’s completely impossible to find.

While browsing through Pinterest a few weeks back, I found a photo of an amazing pair of the perfect shade of blue-green Nike Free 5.0’s. The Nike checks were covered in Swarovski crystals and they looked ah-mazingggg! Determined to find these gorgeous sneakers, I began my Google search. After stalking out a random mix of bloggers, I found them on an active wear website. But to my dismay – no crystals.

Don’t get me wrong, the sneakers alone are just gorgeous. Completely stunning color, a true to size fit with great comfort. At this point, I knew it would be time to DIY these bad boys. What cannot be found in stores – can & will be found somewhere. The Swarovski crystals or a similar type can be found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts or any craft store. To get the crystals to stick to the sneakers, I used E6000 glue. I squeezed the glue onto a paper plate and used toothpicks to outline the Nike check. Working slowly and tediously, placed each crystal on the check from point to swoop row by row. I used a pair of needle-nose pliers however other bead-stick tools or your own fingers work just as well. I selected 3 different sized crystals to add some contrast. 


These sneakers will be worn for basically anything BESIDES running or working out –that’s probably a sin to some. My gorgeous babies are just for show. I’ve worn them a few times already with great luck – none of the crystals have fallen off yet!