Please Just Don’t…

Please, Just Don’t…

– Ask me what I do for a living as your ice breaker. Or how much money I make. It’s not okay.

– Get so drunk that you use the “sorry I said what I said when I was drunk” excuse. More than once. To the same person. This is a MAJOR flaw I have. I’m learning to keep my mouth shut. It’s not easy and usually takes a traumatic incidence or 7 to come to terms with this.

– Over pluck or over wax! Or wax in general – your eyebrows. Biggest mistake of your life. Trust.

– Flaunt your money. It’s unbecoming. What’s worse is being the cheapest MF in town. It’s one thing to be frugal, it’s another to be an asshole. Don’t spend money, spend time. Rather, don’t spend time – share time.


– Overdo it. Keep it 100, but also just relax.

Soho Street Art
Soho Street Art

– Tell your personal problems to everyone you know. Sharing is caring. It’s giving ammunition to all of those around you and spilling your world into places that will become invalid and invaluable. Only share what’s important to you with those who are important to you. And always be aware that when you ask for advice from people, they will give it. Don’t ask for advice from people who aren’t going to give you the right answer for you.


– Post every aspect of your life on Facebook as a status update. Just don’t do it. Keep it natural and organic. And I suggest getting yourself a Twitter. So that I can effortlessly not follow you.

– Keep it all to yourself. It’s okay to lean on those who are close to you sometimes. It’s okay to ask for help and love and advice. It’s okay to occasionally swallow your price and rely on another human being. The human race can make anything happen. Use your resources and get shit done.



I wanted a very plain gold watch. So after avidly searching online (about 3 hours and the opinion of a straight guy who could totally care less…) I found this Nixon Metal Time Teller watch.

nixon watch

Nixon is kinda “surfer” – not exactly my “style” – but what exactly is my style? What is style at all? Anything you want it to be!

There is such an actual NEED and DESIRE in my life for “different” watches. I’m talking something at a great price point that isn’t so “tat”-y like DKNY, or Michael Kors. Obviously – done. Everyone has that so I’m always searching for something different. Re-inventing the wheel or in this case “re-inventing the watch” has been done, there’s all types of weird shit out there… I mean – how much different can you make a timepiece look?

But I’m looking for something just different in a sense that isn’t as pricey as Rolex, Audemars, Michele, Cartier, Montblanc. Because I’m not loaded even though I sometimes act like I am. I also sometimes act like a ratchety broke-ass. Ahem.

And the real reason that I wrote this post about watches is because my Michele has been at the manufacturer being fixed/polished and it’s been there for like 3 weeks which is far too long and I needed something else…

Put on a watch, it will change your entire persona, guaranteed!

nixon watch


Simple is really what it’s all about. And then I do shit like this…Not simple. AT. ALL. oops.


nixon watch 2
Yumi Kim Bracelet, Nixon Time Teller Watch, kate space bracelet