Wearing Out My Closet

I have way too much clothing that I do not wear. It’s all good stuff that I likely definitely spent a lot of $$$$ on. I’m not planning to wear stuff that’s not in style or current – BUT – I need to find something – some way to wear my old items.

Before I was obsessed with black, I didn’t own anything black. (fun fact)

In middle school and high school, Abercrombie & Fitch didn’t sell black clothes – so your girl did not participate in the black clothing movement. Sad, but true.

I would borrow my Mom’s work clothes or going out clothes to pass them off for the only day of the year I had to wear black. That day was for music department concerts for school – so yeah, 3x per year for a solid 4-5 hours each time. I’ll go with a max wear of 24 hours/year. Yes, year! Nowadays, I wear black 24 hours/day in some form.  (FYI – I played the Clarinet through senior year of HS). 

So my colorful wardrobe exists – man does it exist. Because I hate getting rid of things. I’m going to begin a serious purge. Continuous purge if you will.

Check out my Poshmark app on the side of my blog to check out some of my recent purges and how I’m trying to capitalize from my overactive spending and overly full closet… and jewelry box… and clothing rack… and dresser…and armoire…and bins in attics and basements of my close friends and family members.


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Mercury’s Back At It

Mercury is going Retrograde (AGAIN!)

Friday, October 3 – Saturday, October 25th

If you’re familiar with my motto on life – it’s just this:

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Baron von Fancy Print Sweatshirt Available in my Poshmark store – link on the right! Also more available – so message me if interested!

“Mercury was in Fucking Retrograde” and I’m sticking to it! Has your life been completely messed up over the past few days or weeks? Lots of messed up shit happening to you? I lost my wallet, ID, makeup, phone, boyfriend? Was I more excessively bitchy to you than usual?

“Oh, sorry! Mercury was retrograde last week and I’m just getting over it!” – Me

Excuses, but reality. #BetchesInRetrograde

After a scheduled 1.5 hour private reading in her Brooklyn apartment turned into a 4 hour reading and connection with Rebecca Gordon of My Path Astrology, I left with a new found respect, interest and mild obsession with astrology. The beautiful, highly talented and motivationally guiding Rebecca Gordon, who I highly recommend, who came upon me with high recommendations has given me an experience that I cherish dearly. And that I will absolutely return to again. Rebecca Gordon’s mentor, Susan Miller of AstrologyZone.com has a fab recently updated app for iPhone that I’m also very much into!

Side tracked, obviously. RE-Enter, retrograde. 

After reading this article by Robert Wilkinson, found via this easy-to-read article, I have such a better point of view of Mercury retrograde. The author puts such a happy and positive spin on how Mercury going retrograde can affect us. He emphasizes on what to look for, instead of what to look out for. How to embrace the challenges we’re going through as growth – instead of advice to remain stagnant and not make any decisions, especially big ones.


Recently I’ve been extremely reception and giving of positive advice about typically shitty situations. Not that the situation during Mercury retrograde is really shit – because you don’t always realize it is – until after the fact…


We all need a nice reflection period sometimes. Instead of looking at the next few weeks as a standstill – (ex: waiting until October 26 to act upon something) – use it as a time and place to goal-set. To review previous decisions and learn the most you can from them. Get your shit together. Get some ideas flowing. Test them out on the most important person you know – yourself.

Reflection brings reality to a head. “Use it as a bridge between old and new…”

Mercury goes retro in Scorpio (my sign) which prob means something super chaotic. and ultra chic (for me). Maybe new loafers I just bought…

Whatever it may be – I love a little chaos. I cannot wait for the next month ahead. Rehearse. Do Research. Figure out what’s coming in for you mid-November. I’m having a strangely great feeling about heading into this viewed “reversal”of Mercury.


* I am not an astrologer and in no way do I believe to be one. You know me – just a random betch writing random thoughts about shit that I love. Enjoy or don’t. If I’m wrong, I kind of don’t care. Xx ❤