Happiness Today

If you expect other people to make you happy, you will always be disappointed.

You, alone, are responsible for your own happiness.

Grace Church, NYC

Food for thought. Now enjoy some snapshots of NYC taken over the past week in the frigid air but beautiful sun. 🙂


100% obsessed with NYC street art…


Hustle hard. Obviously, because goals.


fresh idea


…regardless of your relationship status.

Friday afternoon I strolled by (briskly walked, because it was freezing) this freshly painted street art in NYC. Still wet when I found it, the artist’s paintbrushes were dripping with black ink onto the pavement. Obviously I had to stop to snap a quick iPhone picture for my blog – what a great message to send. Especially on Valentine’s Day weekend. Just a reminder, you are loved. Don’t let yourself forget. <3

What Are You Doing?

Happy Holidays Everybody! Busy time of year for most, but hopefully you’re able to treat it as a relaxing time as well. Check out some photos below and see what I’ve been up to.


Nothing like a snapshot of street art on LifeLooksBetterinBlack! Can’t help but be one of those people who stops on the street to take a picture of graffiti artists latest work. But when I do stop to take iPhone photos, I’m always hoping that people aren’t noticing me.


Crock Pot life! Received this as a gift about a month ago and I’ve been using it as much as possible. There’s a million recipes on the website and it’s almost fool-proof. and great for people who get lazy about food but don’t want to always order in.


Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a clear, beautiful day back in November. I love this photo.


Schweigiving 2015 – aka Friendsgiving on TGE. Group photo which we cleverly set up on the mantle to make sure everyone got in it. “It’s like the first pancake, they get better as you go along.” This was our second annual and it was significantly better than last year’s! <3


My heavily filtered photo looks sort of blurred on a computer, but I’ll stand by it anyway. <3 This was a really cool and definitely hyped-up exhibit I saw a few weeks ago – “Work No. 2592” by Martin Creed. Essentially a room filled with hundreds of tremendous red balloons. I visited during my lunch break at work, it was in the Lower East Side – and my iPhone died – after I took 1 Snapchat from outside and 4 of the exact same photo from inside. And waited on a super duper long line. But whatever – it was worth it – very cool to see and experience, even without a documented selfie of me and the red balloons. WHICH IS WHAT I REALLY WANTED! 😉

Look Up!

Things you see when you lift your head up from your iPhone while you’re walking down the street. But then you immediately grab your iPhone to take a photo or add to Snapchat story…


Always remember to take a look around you because you might just miss something beautiful. <3

Bushwick, Brooklyn #NewHood

We just moved in to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn – and so far really loving it. Everyone says Bushwick is “up & coming” which, (for those of you who don’t know) means it used to be very ghetto, has gotten much nicer, but still has a long way to go. I mildly agree but love the character and charm of this very diverse and artsy neighborhood.  The streets are spewed with massive pieces of graffiti art on buildings and garages. As I’m obsessed with taking photos of everything, The Bushwick Collective & other nearby pieces will occasionally make an appearance here or on my Snapchat @ashleybyrdy <3

Some of my favorite pieces around the neighborhood…










Things I’m Into

Hope everyone is having a great week – it’s almost FRIDAY! Below are some of the random things I’ve been into lately.

I really enjoy when old things that are typically ugly are turned into beautiful pieces of art. This building in Beacon, NY is covered in different street art pieces which totally beautifies the otherwise dull and drab space. <3

Gotta love a great food photo and recommendation! Brunch a few weeks ago with some of my girlfriends at Anella in Brooklyn (Greenpoint). Fried Chicken Biscuit is pictured below with a really delicious cole slaw. They have some great specialty cocktails as well. We enjoyed a lavender infused sparkling white wine.


Cool for a DIY project – think table names or numbers at weddings?!?! Different license plate word combinations. Saw these at a little shop in Venice Beach, CA.  Also I have no idea how to DIY this – so if you’re actually interested in doing that – go on Pinterest (also follow me on Pinterest – I sometimes randomly pin things when I’m bored like twice a year)!!!


I’m also posting this fantastically delicious looking DOUBLE! (yes, double – woof) cheeseburger from In & Out. I mean because it was my first one and doesn’t everybody post a picture of their food when they go to In & Out Burger? Not sure why because I wouldn’t typically photograph my fast food – I’d likely just eat it in the car on the way to doing something. Isn’t that why you bought it? Because it’s fast? Whatever. Feast your eyes.


Lastly, I’m sort of obsessed with this photo below of a random bro on the Venice Beach boardwalk. No, I do not know this bro, but I do know that he was doing the exact same thing I was doing. Walking around by himself. Except he wasn’t taking creepy pictures of me from afar. OK weird, Ash!



Life on my iPhone

“If we’re not grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we would be happy with more?” 

Inspiring quote about acceptance, being content with what we have and being in control of our wants and needs.

Le Bonne Marché x The Webster collab <3


Driving around Williamsburg on Sunday…

photo 5

Because who doesn’t like a good quote pic…

photo 1


photo 2

Black matte NARS makeup. 

photo 4

Vines on the back wall at Toro NYC.

photo 3

Things I’m Into Right Now.

Shit I’m Into.

Moonflower (if eaten – not that you would) is a hallucinogenic. When burning, it’s supposed to give off the scent of the moonflower to a degree, leaving the people in its presence with a sense of euphoria, comfort and ease. Gets the creative mind moving. I’m newly obsessed with this candle from red flower, burning it daily at work and at home. It’s a deep, dark scent that can relax you into a psychedelic slumber. Cannot get enough, and I love that little fortune cookie! <3


Think this is really cute! FYI on how to use your bobby pins – however, they work fine both ways IMO.


Street art that I love on Lafayette Street.


Whisper words of wisdom. Let it be.


Love this tiny bagel sandwich from Montreal style bagel shop Black Seed Bagels in Nolita. Beet Cured Salmon. It’s to. die. for.