Summer Office Style Ideas

Summer Office Style Ideas

Lightweight maxi. Think thin with this. Thick is NEVER good – go for cotton or lightweight material. Don’t go for materials that make you sweat like silk or chiffon. ALTHOUGH – I did purchase an adorable silk maxi (Tibi in photo, cannot find mine online anywhere but it was only $89!) this summer that I am super excited to wear for a special occasion.

NEVER go to work without a sweater, cardigan or light jacket because of potentially freezing conditions from Air Conditioners due to people who sweat. Just keep this in the closet in case. 🙂

Keep an umbrella in your desk & at home.

And always remember to replace it when you remove it for the rain. Totally SUCKS to be caught in the rain when you aren’t wearing cut-off shorts and a tank at the beach with your besties! (So cute, BTW) but for the weekendsssss! Fave umbrella from Soul.


Conservative/Dressy Sandals

Wear flip flops and get fired – simple as that. NEVER OK (in my opinion). I have seen some dressy thong sandals that are OK to wear possibly? (Depends on how casual your office is… I can wear them at my office for sure, I just don’t).

J. Crew Rio Metallic Sandals
J. Crew Rio Metallic Sandals

Even like the “sneakers with really cute dresses” has been HUGE right now. I’m embrace this look constantly because I absolutely LOVE it… (Post to follow).

sneakers and dresses

Generally speaking – plain black sleeveless dresses are a fabulous bet.

Never out of style, no matter the season! These pieces can be moved from season to season quite easily with the right accessories. Think a piece of antique jewelry, light flowing/patterned scarves, sandals and cross-body bags to dress up your plain staple dress.

Dresses – not too short for work! Depends on your outfit and again, how dressy/casual/corporate your office is.

5039055407_2_1_1 – Major sales right now!!
Zara, again. Just wore this to a dinner but can be great for work with a sweater or blazer. LOVE.

Def check out Zara‘s summer sale going on right now – amazing outfits for work!

Shorts – If you are brave enough to go here and your office allows this – it MUST be styled properly! Cut-offs?! – NONONO! Tailored, with a cuff or pleats are perfect. Black is always OK. Tasteful simple patterns in neutrals are also on point.

Printed Soft Shorts – Working in Fashion?!(sorta…) – LOVING THESE! So comfy – I gotten away with these with a blazer at work. Do this for SURE.

Working in an office with primarily women, I have the pleasure of seeing everyone’s unique and awesome sense of style. Edgy and clean, simple and crisp, easy yet detailed, intricate and planned perfection. The stylists and buyers that come into our showroom are my favorite thing about my new position. Even people watching in Soho – some people can literally make the most random pieces pulled together so freakin’ chic.

Sidenote: BLOWDRYING your hair is basically a waste of time in the humid city of New York. Easy hair tutorials to come in future posts. Look for them soon!

Summer is a great time to experiment with your wardrobe and try some new trends out so go get it girrrrrrrrrl.



I wanted a very plain gold watch. So after avidly searching online (about 3 hours and the opinion of a straight guy who could totally care less…) I found this Nixon Metal Time Teller watch.

nixon watch

Nixon is kinda “surfer” – not exactly my “style” – but what exactly is my style? What is style at all? Anything you want it to be!

There is such an actual NEED and DESIRE in my life for “different” watches. I’m talking something at a great price point that isn’t so “tat”-y like DKNY, or Michael Kors. Obviously – done. Everyone has that so I’m always searching for something different. Re-inventing the wheel or in this case “re-inventing the watch” has been done, there’s all types of weird shit out there… I mean – how much different can you make a timepiece look?

But I’m looking for something just different in a sense that isn’t as pricey as Rolex, Audemars, Michele, Cartier, Montblanc. Because I’m not loaded even though I sometimes act like I am. I also sometimes act like a ratchety broke-ass. Ahem.

And the real reason that I wrote this post about watches is because my Michele has been at the manufacturer being fixed/polished and it’s been there for like 3 weeks which is far too long and I needed something else…

Put on a watch, it will change your entire persona, guaranteed!

nixon watch


Simple is really what it’s all about. And then I do shit like this…Not simple. AT. ALL. oops.


nixon watch 2
Yumi Kim Bracelet, Nixon Time Teller Watch, kate space bracelet

Perfectly Packed for Paris

Time for another European exploration! A few months back with December ending, I felt an oh so familiar urge… I had a little bout of faith and decided to book a flight to Paris, for tomorrow.

Looking back at it now, eh, maybe not the best idea. But in reality, why the hell not? I’m a huge advocate of doing amazing things while I’m young. And just doing amazing things, period. Always. LIVE LIFE NOW. I’d rather see the world and travel with friends and live my life as uncontrolled as possible at a young age. Because obviously, when you’re old, you’re old. Kidding — you’re more wise! And you won’t do half the shit I’m thinking about, so to each his her own.

I did a quick segment a few weeks ago about packing for a quick weekend trip to Richmond & Charlottesville, VA. This part will be about what to pack while traveling to Paris in the Spring (for 1 week).


Key: don’t pack too much. Shop in Paris & draw inspo from the locals – see Paris specific but also European general shopping tips below. Chic.

Le Parisian “Look” – Le Obvi

from Stockholm Street Style
from Stockholm Street Style

Simple, classic, pieces that can be worn time & time again.  2-3 pairs of pants (black fitted minnie/jean/leather pants, dark denim, even high-waisted)

Layers, layers, layers. As always with travel – simple tees & tanks in black, white, grey, navy & beige/tan will always be a great baseline. They can go underneath a sweater, cardigan, blazer, or worn alone with a scarf and will always understatedly complement whatever else you’re wearing. Oversize sweaters – spring can still be cool in Paris, although whether has been exceptional lately. Quilted Burberry jacket also perfect.

Image from Harper's Bazaar
Image from Harper’s Bazaar

Think unisex. Menswear, loafers, oxfords, blazers, & crisp blouses.

Simple, monochrome dresses.

from Stockholm Street Style
from Stockholm Street Style

Shoe staples: ballerina flats, ankle booties, cute sneakers like Supergas (not trainers), although I may bring mine with all of the fun activities we have planned AHHH! Heels but maybe not stilettos (cobblestones, duh).

Shoulder bag or messenger bag. Maybe my neon yellow Cambridge Satchel Co? Maybe a chic white backpack? Nothing too flashy and definitely logo-free! The obvious Louis Vuitton, Chanel 2.55 & Hermes Kelly are quite common & more than OK in any city you ever travel to. C’mon nowwwww!  If only I had an Hermes Kelly… tear face. 

Definitely understate your clothing and go a little cray cray with your accessories. Why not? It’s fun! Wear a bold, thick chunky necklace with a dramatic side part in your all black outfit with a pop of white. Wear a knee-length midi-dress with a gorgeous pair of drop earrings and 2 or 5 thick bangles on each wrist. I’m a huge fan of mixed media within jewelry. Meaning, mix your delicate, luxe pieces with costume jewelry whenever possible. Wear your watch. Wear a scarf.

Seriously looking forward to hitting some Parisian consignment shops. MAJORRRRRR yes! Save some $ on designer items while having amazing new options in my closet. Win/win. Here are some shops I’m looking forward to perusing for a 2nd hand and much less expensive look.

  • Violette et Leonie (114, rue de Turenne, 75003)
  • Les Ginettes (4, rue Sabot, 75006)
  • Le Vestiere de Yasmine at 7, rue Trousseau, 75011

Stock shops (basically glorified outlet stores) are also a great way to shop while on a budget (clearly what I SHOULD BE ON) – will definitely be hitting up the following…Maje Stock, (6, rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006).  Sandro Stock (24, rue de Sevigne, 75004) & Zadig & Voltaire Stock (22, rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 75004). Look like a Parisian within moments & at much more affordable prices than the boutiques. 

ALSO CANNOT WAIT FOR: French Drugstores! Beauty post will absolutely follow this trip with all of my amazing French beauty finds!

Can’t wait to speak French. Wish us luck in the City of LOVE…(ing) ourselves. Not sorry. Take care, betches.


Images via: Stockholm Street Style

@#$%&* – Woke Up Late! 10 Second Hair Style

You know those fabulous mornings when you wake up extra early and get morning run in? You take a long, glorious shower, get your makeup done so you look like a beauty queen, you blow out your hair and even have time to stop at Starbucks for your venti iced unsweetened green tea no water?! Yeah… neither do I.

After my 4th round of pressing “Snooze,” I usually pull my ass out of bed, hair looking like I’ve been sleeping in a bear’s cave for the past 3 weeks. Often times black makeup has created the “raccoon eye” look for me because I forgot to wash it off last night. I should really upload a #selfie of that because it’s the funniest & most real version of me.

I ALWAYS contemplate taking a shower – because if I take one – my hair is going to be wet & I won’t have time to blow it dry. And when my hair is wet, it just looks ratchet and dirty for the rest of the day although it is, in fact clean. OR – do I brush through my tangled tresses and pin it back into a sleek “2nd day hairstyle” (sock bun, low pony tail, double twists, French twist). Either way I’m not happy with myself because I’m late and rushing…

Showering has become a MUST for me – I need it to feel good for the day. So – wet hair it is!!

I’ve come up with a drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle that will make you look super glam in under 10 seconds. That’s right. Under 10 seconds – it’s so simple & easy.

1. Shower! Make it speedy you’re so late! In & out in under 5 minutes? You can do it girl!

2. Brush through hair and part it down your natural part. Mine is a side part but more like just a little off center. Run your fingers through so that the ends are tousled and you get a little texture.

photo 2 (1)3. Add a little product – a favorite of mine is from drybar: Cream Soda.

photo 34. Place a round bohemian style headband over your head like it were a hat. Tuck the ends of your hair into the headband. Then continue working the band – tuck it evenly from side to side to create as big or small of a tuck as you desire. The messier the better! You can pin any loose ends if necessary.

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

photo 3 (1)5. Channel your inner Martha Washington!

photo 1

photo 5Voila! Ten Second Tom hairstyle for the girl that’s constantly rushing! Since wet, boring hair just isn’t your thing – hope this helps! This hair style is so quick that even though I was running late for work this morning, I still had time to take photos of my hair to make this. And was only 5 minutes late. 😉